Happy Meteorological Spring!

I’m in a phase of writers/life block. Besides the fact that I don’t feel I can write anything as deep as my last post, about my dad, I haven’t done a trip worth writing about in four months. Travel, love, happiness, coffee, those are my vibes. So it’s been a struggle. I miss the warm weather days of heading out with the kids to some new place to explore. But. It’s coming quickly. March first was the meteorological first day of spring, so in my heart and mind, it’s officially spring! 🌸 🌻

I took a lovely four day jaunt to Minnesota with the kids a week and a half ago! A little break from North Dakota. We visited my grandma and brought Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee, had some target and chick fil a outings, got some new books, celebrated my brothers 16th birthday, brought the kids sledding at the hill I grew up using. They loved it! I even took a spin and it was much scarier than I remembered as a kid! 😂

On my way back home, I stopped by the cemetery to see my dads gravestone as it wasn’t there last time I went. The sun was shining beautifully and I had a moment there, then continued on to North Dakota.

Time continues to speed along. It’s coming up on a year since my dad passed away already. I was browsing photos on my phone from a year ago the other night and this was when he was in the burn unit at the Regions Hospital. It’s weird how it can feel like yesterday. Looking at my photos, I felt every emotion as if it was happening now. The unbearable heart clutching pain. The helplessness and extreme sorrow. Life has changed so much. In so many ways. A loss of someone so close and loved really makes you perceive life and people different. And it’s difficult too when many of those around you haven’t dealt with the same and just can’t fully understand.

Life goes by so fast. The lesson I wish everyone could learn from grief is that you live once, strive to lead a good and happy life! Give it all you got!

Do the things that make you burst with love, feel the warm sunshine on your skin, listen to the birds sing, drink all the coffee and savor every little sip, laugh at the things you find funny, hug the people you love, text someone you haven’t in awhile to see how they are. Leave people wanting to be around you, wanting to be a part of your light. Don’t ever ever leave someone feeling worse. Ever.

Life is messy, full of fears and mistakes made. Sometimes all you can do is look forward to your morning coffee to keep going. Sometimes you’ll wake up in a bad mood and look outside to see a beautifully colored sunrise, and just like that, things are going to be okay. Even if it’s for this moment and that’s it.

The big things that happen to us shape and change our lives, but the little things are how we handle the change.

It’s on you to be a good person. It’s on you to see the beauty life hands you. It’s on you to appreciate it and be grateful. And if you can’t every single moment, that’s okay. No one can. But in the big overall picture, let it be that. If you fall down, pick yourself back up. You’re going to be okay.


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  1. lovely post!

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