Life lately 🌸

Monday. We got a snowstorm. It was not the happiest thing. After a warm Sunday, i was really in spring mode. But, it’s North Dakota. Midwest. Whatever. It’s to be expected!

Tuesday was the same as Monday. Wednesday the sun came through. So I went to get myself a coffee to celebrate. Any excuse to celebrate something.

Thursday was much warmer! Crazy that today we were now out in shorts getting tan. We went to the park to do our forty minute walk. It felt so good being out in the warm sunshine. The concrete guy stopped over to bring me a catalog of ideas for the patio we are putting out back. Tearing the deck down! So so excited. Now to figure out a pergola to keep out my peeping neighbors. I had some ideas from Pinterest, but then remembered we live in a state with a steady wind. Back to the drawing board.

Check out the cute truck I saw at Albertsons! And me and my littlest love with matching braids she requested.

My Friday was awesome. After my workout, we had a grocery pickup. On grocery pickup days, I usually get Starbucks, so that was first on the agenda. I was waiting in line behind someone who could not make up their mind and needed details on everything. The guy making drinks saw me, raised his eyebrows and I nodded. Like, this is the best. He had my drink ready before I even got to order! He really has no idea how much he made my morning. After that, the day continued as good. I picked up my husbands work laundry, the groceries, and then we went for donuts. The day was spent out in the sun, wearing shorts and bare feet. I love it so much. I was made for this weather. The concrete guy came over later in the day to price out the patio for me and help me envision a bit more what it’d be like. Then I ordered food from this new bbq place we have, Pit 105, so good. I picked that up, we listened to Good Friday services online and that was it!

Not gonna lie, today wasn’t a good vibe day for me. I had a design I was supposed to have published, but didn’t have the time to finish it. The seaming and finishing takes a good six hours or so. Didn’t happen. I worked until two am last night and then for a few hours this morning. But the kids were destroying the house and my back was killing from being bent over my work for hours on end. Really disappointed! And you know how sometimes when one thing goes wrong, everything does? Yep, that kind of day. So I spent the rest of the day cleaning, getting some sun, baking cupcakes for Easter tomorrow. And now I should be seaming this sweater, but I decided to write this post instead. Ha. I hope you guys had a good week!


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