Wednesday thoughts 💭

1. I bought these dunkaroos back in mid December at HyVee. They’re a total blast from the past. I can’t remember for sure when they quit selling them, but it was yeeears ago! So when I heard they came back last summer, I had to scoop some up. So I finally got them, but I got the virus literally the day after. 😭 And they’re still sitting in my pink backpack, waiting until my taste has fully returned before I finally eat them.

2. I love from the car window sunset pics. This was a couple summers ago, but it’s the best vibe. I printed this off awhile ago and came across it today whilst going through my photo box. We were halfway back home from a day trip to Medora and I just love the simple serene look of this.

3. We had our main bathroom toilet tank somehow overflow today and leak through the basement ceiling. My two year old was down there watching the water pour through and yelled “what the heck in the Byman?!” 😆

4. I’ve been really really missing all of my old friends lately. All those awesome people who used to come hang out at our cokato underground dwelling. You know who you are. You guys still are my favorites and I miss you all. ❤️ sometimes I really dislike that life changed so much.

5. In the past year, I have become more knowledgeable in the mechanic field than I have ever yearned for. I’ve learned to check oil, add oil, change blinker bulbs, and i even told the mechanic what the problem most likely is with my car (I was right!) After watching a million YouTube videos. I’ll often send one of my brothers videos of the sounds my expedition is making, one of my sisters has sent me videos of her car. This is what happens when you lose your dad. You have to learn and research everything on your own. Or in our case, with the help of eachother. 💕

6. I’ve read about ten books in the past month. My favorite by far is “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides. I highly suggest you read it. And let me know what you thought of it! It has such an awesome twist.

7. Sometimes I get really stressed out with knitting. I’m happy to finish and publish my designs and love designing so much. But honestly, sometimes I wish I could just be paid to take photos. I love taking and editing photos more than anything. But of actual life. Not set up staged photos. I like realism, travel and pretty things. People in their element. That’s the kind of photography I enjoy.

8. I have to sketch six designs for a company I’m doing a collection for by next weekend and I’m feeling a bit panicked. I haven’t really drawn since I was probably seventeen. And I don’t ever really know what I’m designing until I’ve stared at the yarn and colors I’m using for hours. I visualize them in my head. Then the design changes a few times as I’m knitting it. I don’t know how in the world I’m going to pull this off. I will, but I just don’t know how yet.

9. I’m going to Minnesota soon and I absolutely can’t wait. It’s been a whole month and a half since I was there last! I get to see one of my closest friends whom I haven’t seen in years and it’s going to be the best.

10. Also I’m finally getting a patio in my backyard. The deck has been torn down! Just waiting on my brother to come get the wood pile from it! 👏🏻

Happy Wednesday guys!


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