Happy heavenly birthday dad 🎂

Happy birthday to my dad in heaven. I wish he were here to celebrate, he loved celebrations. But he’s safer up there, amongst the angels. I like to think he’s watching over us. Maybe he’ll see the cake I got to celebrate. He’d like that.

His favorite cake was chocolate. Enjoyed with a cup of coffee. He’d open gifts with the same expression of joy for each. You’d never think he liked someone else’s better. He’d laugh and make jokes guessing the reasoning behind why we chose the gifts we did.

We were so lucky to have him in this world. He made it a better place for everyone in his life. I can say without a doubt, we all daily feel the absence of his presence. He was a calming soul. He just made you feel that everything would always be okay.

I miss sharing storms with him. We used to send eachother screenshots of the storm systems on our radar apps. We both had a passion for thunderstorms. Him and I used to stand out in the driveway, watching the dark tornado warned skies, sirens screaming, while the rest of the family was in the basement. We once saw a full complete tornado across the field, it was probably a mile or two away, when the lightning had lit up the sky. Absolutely amazing.

I miss arriving in Minnesota and having him come out to meet the kids and I after we pulled in the driveway. He’d take turns greeting each of the kids, ask me about the trip, laugh when I’d say how miserable it was, citing all the kids misbehaviors.

He had a heart of gold. If you needed him, he was there. I have yet to ever know anyone that selfless. Like it’s unreal. He’d drop everything to answer your calls, sometimes drive ten hours on a moments notice. I do not know anybody else in my life who you could depend on like that.

Some days the pain of missing and needing him is so excruciating. I can’t bear it. I miss having someone to talk to. Someone to trust. I don’t like the feelings of loneliness. I don’t like not sharing the things I find funny. I don’t like keeping my storm radars to myself. Watching the storms come in and just simply have to inwardly feel the thrill. Nothing’s the same. I’m grateful to have had someone so special to me. Not everyone gets that. Even if it was for just a short time.

So tonight dad, we will eat chocolate ice cream cake in your memory. Happy 59th birthday in heaven dad! You’re still the best.

One response to “Happy heavenly birthday dad 🎂”

  1. beautiful words Bethany! My heart aches for you!

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