10 Things

1. I baked a strawberry rhubarb pie yesterday, since rhubarb is finally back in season and it turned out so delicious! I absolutely love rhubarb. I also baked caramel rolls earlier in the week. Baking is my top stress reliever. Or way to ignore stress, idk. Haha.

2. My five year old fractured his forearm last week so we had an ER visit where he got a splint, and then we had to go a couple hours out of town for a cast on Friday. None of my kids nor myself have ever broken a bone until now and it’s really nerve wracking. The discharge papers from the ER said to keep an eye on their fingers for white, purple, or cold. I didn’t sleep at all the first night, constantly going to check his fingers. He’s been doing just fine with it though! He’s my wild child so I’m now constantly reminding him to please chill with his cast on. He just wants to go go go.

3. We were planning on going out west next week, but that’s fallen through. I’ve been trying to think of somewhere else to go and I think I’m leaning towards the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I’ve been wanting to see those for awhile!

4. I have never had such a long streak of no creativity with knitting. I can’t think of anything to knit and haven’t even had the desire to. It’s kind of stressing me out, because I’ve never had this issue. It’s almost as if I’ve become bored with it. Help.

5. I read three books last week! “A Good Marriage” by Kimberly McCreight. “The Lies that Bind” by Emily Griffin. And “Everything After” by Jill Santiopolo. All of them were super good. The first is a psychological thriller (my favorite) and the next two are more love style but not the cheesy kind. Really good storylines! I’m not a fan of romance books so 👍🏼.

6. We’ve lived in our house for seven years now and I still haven’t done the porch how I envision it. I made a start and ordered some lights the other day to hang across. But porch chairs and furniture are so expensive. It’s really really hard to justify buying. I always think I’ll look at sales or secondhand stores, but out here, those are basically nonexistent. So therefore my porch never gets done. At least I’ll have lights this summer.

7. I missed national donut day on Friday and it’s kind of heart breaking.

8. My ultimate dream right now would be to travel around to cute towns and practice some photography, drink iced coffee, and visit bakeries.

9. Our towns fair is coming up in a couple weeks, and I’m a little excited to have somewhere to bring the kids that’s close! I brought them three years ago and they got to hold the chain of a robotic dinosaur, the boys loved it, and the girls won betta fish. The next year we were out of town and it was canceled last year.

10. After nine years of living where I do, I still have a love/hate relationship with it. I loved my minnesota life, but absolutely no part of that or the people are here. It feels like I’m living a completely different life sometimes. It’s unsettling. Thank goodness I get to go home often enough. On the other side, I do like the friendly small town vibe out here. None of the problems that everywhere else has. And if we weren’t here, we probably wouldn’t travel like we do.

Hope you guys have a great week!


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