A few days in Minnesota ❤️

I opened the curtain to wake them all up and they all proceeded to hide. 😂

My kids and I and our puppy took a little trip to Minnesota last week. It was a short trip, but I managed to get everything in that I’d planned on. Saturday we celebrated my youngests 3rd birthday. I ran to Dunkin Donuts in the morning for a birthday treat for her and us. Then we went out to Chick Fil A for lunch, a little shopping for gifts, party supplies, and a cake! Her aunts and uncles absolutely spoiled her and she just had the best day ever. My brother gave her a pink flower from his garden that was so beautiful!

Sunday we went to church, then my mom and sister and me and the kids went to visit my dads grave and bring some belated Father’s Day flowers. We got ice cream at Dairy Queen and I decided on a whim to see if I could find my old apartment I lived in for a couple months fourteen years ago there. I did! So many good memories there. It was funny because I had met a really good friend living there and so I was reminiscing to my mom in the dairy queen drive thru and she pointed out how funny it is that she had played with his dad when she was a kid. Small world.

Monday we went to visit at my friends house. Which was such a good time. Her dad and my dad were best friends for as long as her and I have been best friends! Our kids get along so well and two of my kids ended up staying the night there. They were just so ecstatic! Made me so happy. I spent a lot of this trip wishing I could live there. After I left there, I saw a super fun sky. These long wispy clouds that come down swirling, moving up and down. They’re called scud clouds and so cool! Apparently people often mistake them for funnels or tornadoes. Which I can see. I was checking my radar to see if there was anything, just to be on the safe side! 😂 But now that I think of it! When I was maybe fifteen, I had called the news station to report a funnel. There hadn’t been a storm, but I had seen rolling clouds above my parents farm house. Kind of embarrassing, I’m now realizing they were probably scud clouds. I’m sure the news station was like uuuuhh.

Tuesday I had an oil change appointment. I grabbed a coffee at caribou and brought my new book. I actually love getting oil changes because I get an hour of alone time to just enjoy my coffee and read in peace. It’s wonderful. Then we went and got chick fil a again in the afternoon after picking up my kids from my friends, stopped by the dollar tree, which the kids just loooove, and relaxed at my moms the rest of the day. My favorite cousin stopped for a visit in the evening. He’s another good vibe to be around. Another reason I wish I lived there. Not so much for the state, but just my people.

Wednesday we headed back toward home. My son had to get his cast removed Thursday morning, two hours from our house. So figured we’d stay in a hotel there for the night as it was an 8 am appt. We picked up some chicken pad Thai and egg rolls for dinner at our fav restaurant before checking in to the hotel. I was hoping to enjoy the evening reading my book, but whew the kids and dog were hyper as all get out! We didn’t relax a moment. Ive never stayed in a hotel with a dog before and it actually kind of disturbed me. Not our dog, but the fact that this particular room was a “pet friendly room”. Which means other dogs stay there pooping and peeing around it. I hope not, but that’s what I was imagining. And then laying in bed thinking how other dogs probably slept in the bed 🙈 In the morning we went down for continental breakfast and then off to the appt! He was so happy to finally be free of his cast. The doctor pointed out it had been exactly one month to the day from the break! And I might have been even happier. It was stressful trying to bathe him making sure the cast never got wet.

And then we went home. Such a busy week but I really loved it and enjoyed it all. I finished the book the night we got home and if you’re looking for a read, I highly recommend! I loved it!


2 responses to “A few days in Minnesota ❤️”

  1. Bethany what was the title
    of the book you were reading??

    1. Shutter! It’s in the photo with my coffee!:)

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