Thanksgiving Minnesota Trip

We spent a whole thirty six hours in Minnesota to be with my family for thanksgiving. And in that thirty six hours, I got in all my faves. Caribou’s egg nog lattes, breakfast from Countryside Cafe, Target for Christmas gifts, shopping with the kids at Five Below and Dollar Tree, Chick Fil A, an evening visiting at my best friends house, and then Sandy’s Donuts in Fargo on our way home. I didn’t take many photos this trip because I honestly was just constantly on the run and pulling out my phone gets to be just a hassle.

But we had a good time, lots of good food, laughs, and visiting. Of course always missing my dad a little extra at these special times. It’s not the same anymore, we make do though.

The last thanksgiving my dad was with us had a hilarious incident happen. We weren’t able to be in Minnesota for thanksgiving that year, unfortunately, but my dad and I had been texting. He always liked to say “happy thanksgiving pilgrims!” on thanksgiving and it reminded me of a Family Guy video clip I’d seen once. So I found the clip on YouTube and sent it to my dad. He decided to play it for everyone at home at the dinner table and didn’t stop the video before it went on to the next. You know how it does that automatic next. The next one however was a bit inappropriate. Especially at the thanksgiving table! I had accidentally let mine go and quickly texted my dad to please press stop before letting it go further! Heh, I was a little late. Oh, did they ever have a laugh there.

Instead of spending the holidays sad, I like to spend them happily thinking of how much my dad treasured every holiday and made it the best it could be for our family. He was always the light that made everyone happy and we won’t let that light go out.

I hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving!


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