January 2022 so far!

Happy belated new year! What a month so far! I feel like we should be a bit further into it than we are. Started the new year off with sick kids. Literally. On New Year’s Eve. I also had a sick one at Christmas so it was kind of a downer of the holiday season for a few of the kids.

I ordered a mini crib for the baby that keeps getting delayed each week. At this point it’s definitely not going to be here anytime when the babe comes. The mattress I ordered for it was lost in the mail Amazon informed me. Much as I could cancel this crib and get something else, I’m in love with the retro mint turquoise greenish color of it! It’s called lagoon and honestly it’s backordered everywhere anyway. Just going to be patient here!

My sister made it here this weekend from Minnesota so I’d have someone to sit with the kids either when this baby decides to come or I end up getting induced. I’ve been induced with all of the kids so the cards really aren’t on my side. And being my last three weighed 10.3, 10, and 9.14, they won’t let me go too far over. At the same time, I’m nervous about going into labor on my own. Sixth child and childbirth still terrifies me.

We got a sudden warm spell of weather last week that caused the ceiling to start leaking. Not dripping water or anything, thank goodness, but very unsightly marks across the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We have vaulted ceilings that weren’t properly ventilated when this house was built, right in the middle of the oilfield boom, so problems have started arising. According to my research, it needs a lot more ventilation and most likely all the moisture from the air in the house is going into the attic and freezing then thawing. So there’s another project!

I also decided last week to knit a little sweater for my babe, which I finished last night! 👏🏻 so happy about that one. I am really really crossing my fingers it will actually fit her. It looks so tiny, but I kind of held it up to the 0-3 month outfits I have for her as I went along. Can’t wait to try it on her!

I’m getting super excited though to have this baby out, for Valentine’s Day (I always throw the kids a party!), spring weather soon, and all the good things that will come! Regardless of issues with whatever, there’s always some good somewhere.:)

Here’s some photos of the month so far!

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