New Baby, Pretty things, and Valentines Day

I have three words to sum up the last couple weeks. Wonderful, stressful, and exhausting. January finished off with my new little love entering the world. The day after my sister left back home. She’d been here for two weeks to help with the other kids while I had my baby, who took her sweeeet time coming along. Literally 24 hours after she left, I went into labor. So there was that. It all worked out anyway.

For the fourth time in a row, I birthed another near ten pounder. I cannot even fathom why my babies born out here are so big. But, I’m not going to lie, I prefer having big babies. This baby girl was 9 lbs 13 oz and just perfect. This was my first completely natural birth. No induction, no pain meds. And oddly, I managed. I had planned a few mental strategies to help with the pain and they worked! Also, jacuzzi tub. First time I’ve had the option for that and it was amazing.

My husband was home for the first day I was home, which was nice. Then he went back to work the second day. And life with six kids hit me straight on. It was crazy. Trying to keep up with food (since I went overdue, anything I premade was eaten 🙈) and cleaning, laundry, nursing around the clock. One week at home and I got sick. I was actually expecting it. But it didn’t make it better. I can’t remember the last time I got that sick! Then the kids followed suit. So it’s been a time. They’re still recovering and life is slowly getting to a more relaxed pace.

The day before I got sick, my sweater collection I designed for We Are Knitters over the past year was launched on their site. That was amazing! I am so pleased with how it all turned out and it was just such a dream. I wish my dad was here to have seen that. He would have been just as excited as me. It feels so good to have that project finished and now onto the next! ❤️

I love Valentine’s Day. I look forward to it the instant Christmas is over. I love buying the kids little gifts and having everything all pink and red and pretty. This year I got them each a new book, the girls some bracelets, and the boys a gummy controller. Don’t buy those ever, cool idea, but a sticky mess and ended up in the garbage. We ended up taking a trip to Minot on Valentine’s Day, which was such a nice break. It felt so good to get out of the house and town.

We started the day with Starbucks, then Target and Dollar Tree, burgers at Burger Time, donuts from Bearscat Bakehouse (I’ve been waiting forever to go there!) then Caribou coffee for the drive back home. Basically we do that same thing every time we go to Minot. Minus the donuts, that was a fun new one. I think I’ll add it in to the regular itinerary.

Now I’m just waiting on spring. Desperately. As soon as the weather gets nice and the snow is gone, I’m off to Minnesota. I haven’t been since thanksgiving and I’m having serious withdrawals. I tend to always start feeling that way when I’ve been stuck here too long. It gets pretty lonely. And I can’t wait to have my family meet my new baby. So crossing my fingers spring will make an early arrival!

Here’s a few snaps from the last couple weeks!

Breakfast and coffee at the hospital
New fav: Dave’s killer bread with PB, bananas, and date syrup drizzle
Tried some “healthy” ice cream and it is actually quite delicious!
New yarn for spring designs!
New sweater design!
Protein waffles have become another quick go to!
I ordered myself these fabulous jeans as a “having a baby” present! I am in love.
Valentines cookies
My fav piece from the collection!
Coffee and Cinnabon waffles. Have you noticed I have a deep love for breakfast

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