3 Donut Shops in Minnesota You Need to Try 🍩

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my donuts. Every trip we take, I’m pinteresting and googling the best donuts in the area beforehand. It’s safe to say, I may change trip locations if there isn’t a cute and nicely rated donut shop or bakery to be found. The food and coffee shop selection for trips is one of our favorite things! And if there’s none, why bother? Good thing there always has been so far!

Since I go to Minnesota quite often, I’ve had a chance to try out almost every highly rated donut shop within a fifty mile radius of where I grew up, as my family still lives there. And they do not disappoint. At some point on each trip back home, I will treat myself to a donut from one of these places! It’s often the first day there. 😂

1. Bogarts Doughnuts in Minneapolis. They have a couple locations, but the one we frequent is in the Uptown area. If you’re looking for adventures along with getting donuts, this part of Minneapolis is awesome. The iconic cherry on a spoon is just down the road. The shops in uptown are super fun and cute. I love going there to enjoy a coffee and donuts! My favorite is the Nutella filled donut, but we grab a selection of each donut they offer every time. By we, I mean my sister and I. We are Nutella donut aficionados. She discovered tearing the donut open on the side and then dipping it into the Nutella. It’s brilliant.

2. Nelson Bros. Restaurant and Bakery in Clearwater. Situated inside a Holiday gas station and travel plaza, this place is amazing. I happened to just stumble upon here on one of our trips to Minnesota as I had to stop for gas. They’ve got giant donuts. Like, they’re big. And fresh and pretty and delicious! It’s become a roadtrip stop tradition since then.

3. Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis. This adorable donut shop is also in the Uptown area, not too far from Bogarts. I’ve only been here once as we do tend to choose Bogarts, but it was delicious! I think I’ll make another trip here next time I’m in Minnesota. They have a fun, unique selection of donuts and their shop is all pink and funky. I love it.

These donut shops are everything your donut dreams are made of and you must visit them if you’re ever in Minnesota! This summer, I’m going to explore the Duluth area for a weekend and I’m super excited to see what donut shops they have up there. I will share my findings!

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