What happy is

What happy is.

Days like this one. A morning run for donuts and coffee in Minneapolis with a sister, my adventuring with me sister. The one who had moved to Arizona for the winter and it was just terrible not seeing her for so long. My kids were so excited to have her back too! She’s such an amazing person and we love her so much! So happy to have my donut/Starbucks friend back. We are terrible at taking pics of us on our runs though. I always realize too late that we didn’t get one.

Afternoon hair cut. I haven’t had my hair professionally cut in so many years. I got my baby for a nap and then left her and the rest of the kids in good hands at my moms. I just got layers cut into my hair and a few inches off and it did wonders! My hair felt amazing. Afterwards, I went and got an iced mocha from caribou and just felt such a sense of happy. It was the first time leaving my little munchie and even though it was only an hour, it was a nice breather. But the anxiety at trying to rush back to her was real.

The evening was an ice cream outing at Honey & Mackies with two of my other sisters and my babe. Lol. The photo of her trying to get my ice cream! She was trying soooo hard to get it. I actually felt bad because she looked pretty convinced she finally had gotten her chance to try real food! Soon. She’s almost six months!

And a beautiful sunset to top it all off. Like what more could a day hold. Such happy summer memories being made with my favorite people.

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