cabin trip prep underway

My kids and I are just about ready to head out for our annual summer trip to the cabin! i am so excited. There is truly no place we’d rather be than there. The kids were once discussing how they’d rather go to the cabin than florida or Disney world or anywhere else. Like it’s that amazing. So this summer I’m really preplanning to make it the best yet. Last summer was one for the books, but we didn’t see the bear we wanted to see and had a few other issues that need tending to. Funny thing, we used to see bears all the time when we were kids, but it’s been a really really long time since we have. They used to come right up to the porches and dig through garbage, not giving any care or notice to any humans around.

We also had a serious spider problem last year. Like the huge daddy long legs. They aren’t scary, but just kind of annoying to have them constantly crawling on your feet while you’re trying to be a bear whisperer at midnight. We’d get scared every once in a while and have to run up to the tiny cabin porch and at one point, we counted nearly a hundred on there! I’ve never noticed the spiders like that, so I think we also might need spider killer this year, just in case it’s an issue.

Also, we aren’t literally hiding out seeking bears. Every evening after the kids are in bed, we gather around the wooden swing in the front and visit until well after midnight. The last two years it’s just been my sisters and I. My dad and brothers used to join too, but with my dad gone and my brothers running his business, they haven’t had time to come up anymore.

Since we were a bit short on beach towels, that’s another addition I’ve added on for this trip. Times have definitely changed since we were kids spending our summers there. Where there once was a large abundance of beach towels in the sauna cupboard or hanging on the line to dry, they seem to have disappeared over the years. Rumor has it that a relative took them.

Next necessity is my aeropress espresso maker. That’s actually quite important and I’m already fearing I’ll forget it because it’s so important. The nearest coffee shop is half hour from the cabin, and I’d like to be able to have coffee with the sunrise.:) So I’ll also be bringing my cups, lids, straws, and torani hazelnut mocha syrup.

Beach chairs! If there’s one thing about my grandparents generation, it’s that they used everything until it’s unusable. Which is definitely a good thing. However, once the beach chairs went unusable recently, they weren’t replaced. With my dad and grandpa passing away, nobody has taken to replacing things. So, I’ll be loading up all of my beach chairs to take along! It will make for actually enjoying a bonfire. Which we haven’t had much of since us girls aren’t the best bonfire builders. There has honestly been absolutely no guys up there for the last two years. This year my youngest brother and my sisters boyfriend are coming so that’s actually going to be really nice!

Along the line of beach chairs, I ordered a little tent on Amazon for the babies to chill in on the beach. That way they can stay out of the sun and my sister and I can relax not having to hold them. I am feeling so on top of it.

My last thing is going to be a run to target in Minnesota before we head up. I’m going to get some fairy lights and cheap pillows from the dollar section to hang up around our fire at the beach. I feel like it’s going to be so cute! Maybe get some citronella candles to help keep the mosquitoes away.

Anyway, that’s it I think! I have all of our regular travel basics ready or prepared to be ready. Im going to spend the week baking some treats to freeze and bring along and cleaning house. And then off we will be! 👏🏻

Happy Monday to you all!

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  1. Have tons of fun at the cabin!!

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