My Week in Minnesota

My Minnesota trip has come to an end! After not being here for so long, it went by so fast. Every day was filled with visiting family and running all around the west metro. From mall of America to the cemetery in cokato, we went everywhere. It was a busy week and a half. It would take forever to mention everything we did, so I’ll just do a list of the most memorable moments!

1. Celebrating my daughters 13th birthday at mall of America. While her and my sister went to eat ramen, I brought my two youngest to a restaurant called The Sugar Factory. My 4 year old got a kids burger box that came with a blue bunned burger and adorned with blue glitters. The fries also had blue glitter. And she was absolutely disgusted. Wouldn’t touch it! 🤣 Honestly, it was pretty gross looking. The restaurant was really cute though.

2. Dunkin Donuts and Caribou. They got a Dunkin’ Donuts in Buffalo so I had to get a dozen for everyone one morning! Also there’s like three caribou coffees within minutes of my moms, so that was the standard morning staple. And at this time of year, they have the egg nog latte! To make it good, you gotta order it with half egg nog half milk, and an extra shot, otherwise it’s too thick. And iced if you’re like me. 🙂

3. Double Shot and cemetery. One of my sisters and I and my two youngest went to cokato for lunch and to bring a little festive arrangement to my dads grave. I was so excited to find they have a new coffee shop out there! We stopped there and got chicken wraps and drinks, then went to the grocery store and picked out some cute little things to bring to my dads grave.

4. Maple Grove hangs. I went there three different days. It’s kind of a longer drive now that my mom moved further west. But still worth it! We got The Shake Shack for lunch on one trip, their burgers are insaaane. And their cheese fries. Must try. We got Chick fil a on another day. And the last trip there, Frankie’s Pizza. Always the Gouda mac and cheese pizza. I also picked up Crumbl, which had a pretty good selection this week. We always visit target, dollar tree, and get coffee whilst out there too! Such a good time. And really this post is all about food and treats it seems. 🙈

5. Okay. That’s actually it. Like I really felt like I did more besides eat food, drink coffee, and get treats 🙈😂 But it was just a good vibe around it all. We had lots of laughing time, a birthday party for kenz, trips to other malls, a warm rainstorm, then cold snow the last few days. I managed to knit the whole back panel of a new design I’m working on, get a temporary crown put on for my tooth issue, got some fun new Christmas decorations for at home. All in all, it was a good trip.

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