Roadtrip Home!

I finally made it home tonight! After two weeks in Minnesota, I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back with all my stuff and house and everything. Like it’s amazing.

We left at about 8 this am, stopped at caribou in Buffalo for coffee and bagels. Then hit the road!

The weather was decent until just about to Alexandria. A little snow squall came through that turned the freeway to ice! After a little slipping and sliding, I pulled over at a rest stop to feed and change Freya and relax a bit, then back on the road!

It stayed decent until the second little squall and then I was just a little stressed hoping it wasn’t going to stay like that the whole way. I pulled over at a gas station and then by the time we got back on the road, it was all clear and sunny! And we legit saw what looked like a smiley cloud. I decided it was a sign from my dad. 🙂

We got crumbl and another coffee in Bismarck later on! I like adding fun things to keep my morale going. Yeah, it took like twelve hours to get home but Freya doesn’t like being in her car seat long, so it’s a lot of frequent stopping.

The sunset left some pretty golden colors across the horizon. There’s this bridge on highway 83 that goes between two lakes and I always love the views there. And it’s always super intriguing. The right side lake was frozen with ice houses on it, the left side lake was still wavy. Im so curious how it does that!

After a few more stops for Freya to get out a bit, we made it home. I’ll just tell you, traveling with six kids and two puppies really took a toll on me. Im planning to not leave the rest of the winter. 🤣

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