Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a happy thanksgiving! This is basically the day that marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me.:) I went and bought a new fake tree at menards today, which we will set up tomorrow evening! Along with the remainder of the Christmas decorations. I told the kids we will have a hot chocolate party while we put the tree up and they’re all excited about that! Seems like a pleasant thanksgiving evening!

We also decided to forego turkey this year as I am the smallest fan ever of making turkey. Lol. One thanksgiving morning like eight years ago, I got up at 7 to start the meal. I pulled out the frozen turkey I’d bought 2 days earlier, and read the cooking directions. And realized it should have been thawing for much much longer. I did the tub method and that worked. Although I was super paranoid I was giving everyone salmonella. But honestly I don’t even like turkey much anyway. So I went to the meat market today and got ribeye steaks and chicken for the grill.

Thanksgiving is full of so many memories for me. I came across this meme today and it just cracked me up. It’s been a long standing joke in my family about my mom in the kitchen on thanksgiving. We’d have the house all cleaned, dressed in our Sunday finest, and just waiting on the meal. My mom would get so mad at us if we came and asked when the food would be ready. Apparently she wasn’t alone in that! That should make her feel better now. 😂

This doesn’t happen at my house now though. I start pretty early making everything and will make some stuff the day before. Like pies, breads, etc. Then thanksgiving day is just the meats, casseroles, stuffing, and mashed potatoes! Which none of them are too difficult. And the kids legit eat like 5% of it. So it’s kind of just whatever. We have leftovers for daaays. I’d probably be more stressed if there was guests coming over I suppose, who actually cared!

Also, funniest thanksgiving memory. It wasn’t even long ago. 2019. We were home here because my husband had thanksgiving day off but not any extra. Anyway, I was texting with my dad. So he always said “happy thanksgiving pilgrims!” And there’s this family guy clip of them saying that. So I found it on YouTube and sent the link to my dad. He opened the video at the thanksgiving table and played it for everyone there. He didn’t realize that it was going to automatically start the next video. And it was definitely not something that should be viewed at a thanksgiving dinner table! 😂 apparently everyone there was just laughing their heads off and my dad had texted me saying “don’t let it go past the first video!” I said oh no, what happened. And he’s like “let’s just say I won’t be forwarding this to the minister!” 😂 My dads last thanksgiving here will forever be remembered with a funny story.

I have a new sweater design I’m releasing tomorrow with my Black Friday sale, so I’ve gotta finish up most of that tonight. Then make a new pumpkin cheesecake pie because I tried out a different crust earlier today and that was such a flop. I made sourdough today too, which did turn out fabulous!

Off I’ll be in the morning to the grocery store for eggs that I’ve forgotten on three separate trips there today, plus I’ll treat myself to a Starbucks. I’ll enjoy everything I’m thankful for tomorrow starting with that! So many things to be thankful for in life, even though sometimes it doesn’t always seem that way. But, I do like having this day to really think about and appreciate all I’ve been given.

My faith, family, coffee, books, health, friends, all the seasons, sunshine, sparkling snow, knitting, being able to make my own income doing something I love, sunrises and sunsets, traveling, food, a home, a husband who works hard to support us, the list could go on and on.

Happy thanksgiving!

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you over there in N Dak!!
    We love you all and miss you tons!!!

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