I love Mondays

So I didn’t wake up at 630 to workout today as planned. I’ve been having nightmares (not fun since I’m a vivid dreamer) nearly every night for a week now. Usually I get a reprieve for a couple weeks. But they’re just relentless! I wake up nearly every night at 230 and I can fall back asleep quickly, but it’s like my body is actually living the anxiety in real life while I sleep.

I did my 20 minutes of legs workout this am, followed by my protein shake. My daughter got me this pretty colored blender bottle for Christmas, I absolutely love it! I made a very pointed announcement to the family after I’d opened it, not to touch it. The boys used my other ones for painting and wrecked them.

Also this protein powder is amazing. It’s so hard to find protein powder that doesn’t make me want to hurl! So maybe it’s just good seeming since the other ones are so terrible. But it’s good for breastfeeding and isn’t whey. I’m hooked. Especially this flavor, vanilla cookie.

I made the kids and myself eggs for breakfast, kind of a staple around here, and gives me a little extra protein! Then got to work on my coffee. Lol, it is work. I love my aeropress, best espresso ever. Even though it takes effort, totally worth it.

I found a copycat crumbl cookie recipe the other day and decided to give that a try today! Id started them and got to the point to add cocoa, which I discovered I only had a tbsp left, so the baby and I went off to the grocery store. Then since it was so sunny and gorgeous, I went to the coffee drive thru for lunch and a small iced mocha. It’s the little things guys.

These were so easy to make and so good. My kids said they were better than crumbl! Which reviews on the recipe had also said! They’re big and soft and just so delicious. Topped with a cream cheese frosting and Oreo sprinkles. They’re just like my fav crumbl cookie. Very dangerous to be able to make them.

After enjoying these, some housework, etc, I did my 25 minutes on the elliptical. I always do elliptical on leg days, really gets the burn going! I used my new beats headphones I got for Christmas and watched reels the whole time and it made it go by so quickly! Much better than constantly watching the distance numbers slowly go up.

Oh and funny little story! Last night, I was doing the cleaning before bed and went to make an all purpose cleaner. I typically just use vinegar, water, a squirt of dish soap, and a couple oils for scent. So I had seen a recipe to add baking soda. I filled my spray bottle as regular and then topped it off with the baking soda. It started bubbling out, so I grabbed the spray lid and tried to screw it on so I wouldn’t lose all the solution. Ha. Bad idea. The bottle started feeling really tight and I was worried it would explode, so I slowly loosened the lid. And got covered in cleaner. 🤣 it went everywhere!

Anyway, hope you guys all had a good start to your week! If you need a pick me up, workout, coffee, and cookies. Bliss.

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