Top 10 Memories of 2022

2022 had some fun memories made! The year started out with the birth of my little girl and quickly flew by with caring for six kids, knitting, traveling, and everything in between. Hard to narrow it down, but here’s my top ten favorite memories!

1. The birth of my sixth babe. Freya. A sweet girl who’s quickly developed a feisty and loving personality. She gives the sweetest hugs and doesn’t hold back on letting anyone know what she wants!

2. A weekend trip to Ennis, Montana and Earthquake Lake. Even though we didn’t get to see Yellowstone, Ennis was an absolutely beautiful place. Idyllic mountains surrounding the town. Just dreamy.

3. Attending a painting class in Dassel, MN. Something I’ve always wanted to do! My sister and I went out there, got coffee and dinner, and then stopped by the cemetery in Cokato to visit my dads grave, as it was his birthday. Was such a nice evening!

4. Fourth of July in Minnesota. We had all the cousins who were around, an aunt and uncle, and my grandma (my dads mom) over to my moms for a barbecue. Then in the evening, my brother and I and my cousin went to fireworks in Delano. We met a couple of my sisters and a couple cousins there. Front row seats right behind the fence. It was amazing.

5. Rabbit Bay Cabin Trip. Best trip ever. Every summer. Beats out every other trip! I’m already getting excited about the trip there this summer. Can. Not. Wait.

6. These sunflower pics I took in my backyard! The sky was so beautiful!

7. Glacier National Park. Our stay there was just for a night en route to Washington, but it’s always so fun!

8. Red Leaf Coffee in Washington and the ocean. Always the highlights of visiting the coast!

9. Mall of America for my daughters 13th birthday! It had been a good six years or so since I’d last been there. And will probably be that way again! But it was fun. Visiting a free people store, eating at the sugar shack. Quite the experience! 😂

10. Having a collection of patterns I designed for We Are Knitters launch. Kind of fun to see!

2022 was honestly such a good year. I’m even more excited about this year! Starting with Valentine’s Day next month! The countdown is on! (I loooove all things pink red and hearts)

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