Do you follow and/or believe in astrology?

My daughters laptop stopped working last week so she came to me wondering what she can do for school work. I figured I’d make up a few report ideas with questions for her to research, things actually fun. The first was horoscopes. I wrote out some generic research questions about astrology and then let her have at it. She loved doing that as a lesson and after reading her report, it got me thinking about astrology and horoscopes

I remember once when I was probably about thirteen, horoscopes were just the most amazing thing to me. I literally could have my future predicted! I loved reading them to see what was going to happen, who I was going to fall in love with, how well I’d do in school, whether my weekend would be good or not. The phase definitely didn’t last long. Within no time, I knew I was being played.

My sign is Leo. The personality of a Leo is supposed to be fiery, egocentric, dramatic, always the center of attention or wanting to be, life of the party, etc. you get the idea. Quite in contrast, I’m nothing like that. I could pick and choose some and say yes they fit me. But I’m definitely not who I’m supposed to be, according to astrology. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, which I’m down with! I am thee ultimate lover of the sun.

I decided to check one of my favorite clothing sites, Free People, and see what their horoscope blog says for my sign, for the purpose of writing this post of course. First, it’s really long and actually a bit difficult to follow and grasp. But basically what’s in line for my sign for the month of January is this:

1. I may feel like I need a change to my fitness routine, eating habits, work, relationships. Fancy that.

2. I may have an opportunity for a new “biz relationship”. Or I may not.

3. I may run across someone from the past.

4. I should find new friends or join a new social circle.

5. I should do stuff with my squad or seek out professional contacts. My “squad”. 😂

6. I need to spend quality time with people.

7. I must remain flexible.

8. I should move in with my “SO”, put a ring on it, or seal a biz deal. Hmmm.

9. I shouldn’t get too preoccupied with the game plan, jump in and team spirit!

Yes I’m sure I should do that, as everybody should, not just in January. The funny thing is that it has specific dates that things should also be happening. How in the world do they come up with these?!

Unfortunately, the ones that have gone past so far in January didn’t happen as they should have.

Here’s the link if you are curious what yours says! Just for fun.. Free People

I researched as well, why people believe in astrology when it’s so obviously vague and any of the horoscopes could pertain to anyone. What I read from a psychologist sums up what I thought. It’s something for people to believe in so it doesn’t seem like their life is out of control. If they can look at their horoscope and see that Mars is going in retrograde and they’ll meet someone new that will bring them joy, it will give them something to be excited for. Although you’d think after some time they’d be like hmmm, nothings happening.

But if you read them all in fun and aren’t truly depending on them for shaping your life, no harm done! It can be fun to just see what they say. Maybe mine will happen this month (wink wink)! Or maybe it won’t.

What are your thoughts on horoscopes? Drop a note below!

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