Roadtrip to Minnesota and first day

Sunday morning the kids and I and one of our dogs took the roadtrip once again to Minnesota. The first hour and a half was slow moving driving through dense fog with basically no visibility. I hate fog. Just like driving on icy roads, it makes me so nervous. On one of the drives back home years ago, I was halfway home, driving through thick fog, and all of a sudden came upon ambulances, police cars, fire trucks. There were a couple semis jack knifed, a few cars mixed in there. And literally you couldn’t see any of it until you were right up there. So that’s always what I imagine now if I’m driving in fog. My first coffee break was right after the fog, so that was quite a needed stop.

After that it cleared up until the last hour of the drive where it once again got thick. It’s actually worse in Minnesota because people here were still cruising over the speed limit. I’m like how are they doing that?! They can’t see quarter mile in front of them! It was such a relief when I finally made it.

It’s funny though, after one of our favorite stops, a truck stop in Steele, ND that has a caribou coffee, I realized just how many times I have done this drive. For nearly eleven years, I have averaged out about 7 times per year. Some more, but at the least 6. So that’s roughly around 70 trips. That many times I have driven the same drive, ten hours each way. I could probably drive it without looking by now. And yet, I still mostly enjoy it every time!

There were some gorgeous sparkly frosted trees I just had to pull over to get photos of. My phone unfortunately couldn’t capture the sparkle. It was just amazing.

I made it right in time for singing to my mom for her 60th birthday party! Was kind of a chaotic time to arrive. Baby had to be fed and changed, second youngest changed, unpacking stuff. And then the dog, barking his head off during the party. One of my daughters was like okay, let’s go back home. 😂

This am, I did a workout, then went to get Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee. Seriously too convenient having it right around the corner. I couldn’t handle living here.

In the afternoon, I brought half my kids and my youngest sister out to get Shake Shack, Starbucks, and some shopping at Plato’s closet. Then we ran to target and caught a pretty sunset.

It was the perfect start to the week! Now I have a bunch of things to organize out into days for the remainder of my trip. Im hoping to get myself some bangs cut, crumbl has a delicious looking lemon cookie I need, there’s a dinosaur exhibit in Minneapolis this weekend I want to bring the kids to, I’ll need a trip to cokato to visit the cemetery, and probably a little bit of retail therapy.

One response to “Roadtrip to Minnesota and first day”

  1. Glad you made it safely! Have a good time there and give your mom our greetings!!

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