Car talk

After a hectic full week of dealing with the dreaded stomach bug going through our entire household, I am so glad it’s all over! We got hit hard. I could not be more anxious for summer, the summer fever is getting real. We don’t really get spring, it seems to usually go straight from winter to summer. 😂

I finished a tank top pattern last night and went out to get a coffee this am to celebrate pattern release day. It was a whopping -14 degrees. Like come on. It’s going on April. This month has been basically second January!

So I was thinking of a name for my tank top pattern and after trying it on, realized it gave me summer car ride vibes. It just has the look and feel. My oldest daughter told me I look like I live in California, with my bell bottom jeans. And mustang popped into my head. Mustangs remind me of summer and good times!

When I got my drivers license at 16, I wanted a mustang so bad! Id spent the past year grabbing the Auto Trader catalogs off the news stands at the gas station and grocery stores I worked at. Id sit and browse those forever, as if I had enough money to get one. Thinking back, I cannot believe the amount of time I’d spend looking at those catalogs. The good ol days.

My first vehicle was a Nissan pathfinder that was black and leather interior. Super cool sunroof, it was an amazing little mini suv. My dad fixed that up, free from his friend, and gave it to me. It didn’t last long as my younger brother totaled it. But I loooved that thing!

Then I got a manual little green car. $500 cheapo that ran like a charm. I had to very quickly learn how to drive stick shift as I needed it for my job the next day. I’m proud to say I learned basically overnight! Although during the first few days of driving it, I’d never fully stop at stop signs in fear I couldn’t get it going again. After getting the hang of it, I seriously enjoyed it! I wonder if I’d still know how.

My dad was a muscle car fanatic in his younger years. He had, and I quote, I texted my older brother asking him today, a 1970 Mustang Mach 1, a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 2 door with a 396 (😂), a 70’s Camaro, amongst others he couldn’t remember. He also had amazing trucks and rebuilt a 50’s dodge and put a Ford 302 v8 in it. I have no clue what that even means. Just quoting my brother. But it was something my dad was super proud of! I’ve seen so many pics of him with all his vehicles and will have to try get my hands on some. Some years ago, my brother had found a car for sale just like one my dad had owned and wanted us all to go in on it for a gift for him. Honestly I wish we had.

When I was 17, I went with my mom and bestie and her mom to florida, and our rental car was a white mustang convertible. It was so fun and freeing cruising around with the top down! I think I shared on a different post how she decided we needed to steal it for a quick joy ride. Best memory of that trip.

Then I had a friend that summer who had a red mustang, not convertible but just as cool, and I remember so many drives! Such good memories. Graduated, warm air and sunshine, just happiness.

After having kids, I determined I’ll never be a minivan mom. I had one for a few months when we first moved out here that broke down and I took that as a sign! I got a Denali xl then and was hooked on big suvs. I enjoyed the feeling of driving a truck! Now I’m on my second ford expedition max and love it too.

Since all my kids def wouldn’t fit in a ford mustang, I figure maybe someday I’ll save up and buy one for my errand runner car! I was discussing it with my kids today and showing them pics of mustangs and they think it’s a fabulous idea! My husband was being all like they’re only for people who like driving fast and stuff. Haha. No, I’ll be the old people driving fast cars slowly style driver. You know those ones.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great weekend and wherever you are, I hope it’s much warmer! I’m just going to be sitting here dreaming of summer and road-trips. 😊

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  1. ❤️ road trips are fun!!

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