Best of Williston, ND

I officially consider myself a local when it comes to our town. Like a light local. Not an obsessed with my town, won’t let any good businesses come to my town type of local. I’m getting to the point where I might need to run for mayor or something. They have been making claims for years about how they’re making Williston a town where people don’t have to run to Minot. That’s yet to happen. Minot keeps getting better and better while we get new restaurants like Pizza Ranch, Taco Bell?! I guess that could be their idea of better. Meanwhile, my absolute favorite pizza place of all time just closed down here after a few short years. Pizza pie on the fly was the best and will forever be missed. Now we also need to go out of town for that.

I highly doubt you’ll ever be in Williston, but I’ve made a list for you just in case. The only reasons people really come here are for work, visiting family, or passing through. Honestly, it’s a decent place for raising a family. Mostly everyone is friendly and there’s not many weirdos around. Kids can safely bike around town. We have amazing sunsets! We do have some perks! We won’t go into discussing winter.


Young Bucks. Hands down. They opened a little over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier! I’d been getting starbucks in Albertsons, but all their good baristas left and it’s just turned terrible. Young bucks is amazing. It’s in Free Church and has a fun toddler play area too if you bring your littles!

My drink of choice: iced melted mocha, 1/2 sweet.


Lonnie’s is where it’s at! Cute and classic cafe where all the locals go. I think. It’s been around for ages and everyone knows everyone there it seems. Cool decor, good food. Their menu has tons of options and most likely you can’t go wrong with any of them.

My breakfast of choice: grits french toast with hash browns. First time I’d had grits. And oddly good in this form!


Pita Palace. I don’t get lunch out too often, but if I do, it’s Pita Palace. Fresh delicious pitas loaded with whatever toppings. And their fries are amazing!

My lunch of choice: Chicken bacon ranch pita


Pit 105. No question. Since they came to town last summer, we order from there for pick up a few times a month. Best barbecue food around. It’s also a trendy style decor inside and would be fun to eat in sometime! But honestly, nothing here disappoints.

My dinner of choice: rebel street tacos without jalapeño on the side. The seeds go on the tacos and they are hot! These tacos have barbecued meat and then their homemade Mac and cheese on top. SO GOOD.

Things to do

Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Unfortunately you’re going to have to venture out of town for this one. But it’s such a drastic scenery change from williston, it’s worth it. And only like a 45 minute to an hour drive. There’s a caribou coffee in watford city I always swing in to for a coffee en route that makes it a little more fun! I’ll also grab picnic food in cashwise to enjoy there! Makes for a pleasant afternoon.

Spring Lake Park. If you’re into walking trails or playing on playgrounds, this is our best park. I love going walking with the kids here when it’s nice out! There’s a little lake in the middle of the park that sometimes has ducks and geese meandering around.

If you ever find yourself here for some odd reason, keep this list for reference!

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