Spring feeling

I am happy to announce we may finally have spring! It’s amazing and invoking such feelings of joy, I can barely handle it. It’s supposed to hit 73 today so I ran out for a coffee this am to celebrate the start of a magnificent day. I spent an hour cleaning out and sweeping off the porch and stairs, just to enjoy the warmth. It’s heavenly.

Spring used to always hold kind of a nostalgic feeling for me. I’m not sure why. but it was almost such a feeling of nostalgia that it would make me feel sad and nauseous. It’s weird. For that reason, spring wasn’t always a time I liked.

After living in North Dakota though, oh my gosh, there’s nothing sad or nauseous about spring. That nostalgic feeling has vanished and now it’s like the most happy feeling when the warm air finally returns. And the smell! There are these pleasant wafts of fresh earth that keep rolling by while I write this, sitting on my porch. You guys, I literally am so happy right now.

Warm sunny days are what life is all about. If I can finish writing this quick, I want to grab a new book and sit out in the sun with a coffee and just soak it in. There’s like this feeling of urgency to enjoy it while it lasts.

In other updates, our aussie doodle is going to a new home soon. I let the kids know right away when someone asked me if I was still selling him. That was a month ago, so they’ve had a lot of time to mentally prepare for this. I know they’re still going to be sad for a few days, but I’ve been trying to help them envision how happy he will be in a place where he’s doted on. He’s such a people person and it’s hard when he wants so much love, when we already have another dog. They fight for it! I am very happy about the home he’s going to and I know he will be well taken care of. But no doubt I’ll prob shed a tear too.

The three year anniversary of my dads passing is coming up in just a few days and I’m finding it so hard to believe it’s been that long. I guess it’ll probably always feel like just yesterday no matter the amount of time that passes by! I’ve long accepted his being gone and now just marvel at how much has changed without him. I’ll write more on that soon!

My little sisters wedding is only three months away and I’m quite excited for that. Her fiancé is just the nicest kid and I’m so happy he will officially be a part of our family. I still find it funny that he’s the florists grandson. Like the florist was so friendly and nice when I met him shortly after my dad died when I needed a bouquet for his grave. And honestly that interaction stuck with me for a long time for some reason. I think it was an era of really needing friendly communications and he was one who helped in a way.

I’ll be heading off to Minnesota in the near future. Im finally getting my patio installed so I’m waiting to go until that’s finished, which is going to make spring and summer that much better! Just crossing my fingers we won’t get another blizzard and have that trip delayed.

Hope you guys have a lovely week!

2 responses to “Spring feeling”

  1. I love spring! Unfortunately here it has been rain rain rain! We need some sunshine for our mental
    Happy for you guys tho! It feels so good when the sun shines!

    1. Oh for real it does, it’s amazing. Such a bummer for you guys, out of all the elements, rain is def my least favorite!

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