Life Lately

Will there ever be a time when I can come on here and say, my, life’s been so calm. No, probably not. Each day continues to go by faster. Just last week, I’d had a phone chat with one of my sisters on Monday. I went to call her the following Sunday, and honestly thought I’d talked to her just a couple days earlier. Here it had been almost a week. I cannot grasp how this is happening.

So since I can’t hardly remember more than a week ago, I’ll just do a little life lately on the past week!

Last Friday was a day of drama. Haha. I had gone and gotten a coffee, done some grocery shopping, and was making the kids lunch when there was a knock at the door. It was my neighbor across the street. He told me how he’d seen a guy jump his fence and then stroll away. So I guess there had been a break in a few streets down just a short bit earlier. I went on my camera footage to the time he’d mentioned and had quite the treat! Here id been doing my workout in my living room whilst this guy strolled into my backyard from the alley, then proceeded to chill for a few minutes on the side of my house doing who knows what. Then he walked back through my yard and down the alley. A couple minutes later, some cops came following his tracks. I was a bit nervous then hoping this guy had been caught. There wasn’t any updates on the police’s Facebook, so I called the department. They sent an officer over to look at my camera footage and he matched the guy with the one they’d arrested. So thank goodness for that! The news release later that day said the police had been following his footprints in the snow, leading to his arrest. Which by the location, was shortly after he left my yard.

On a less exciting note, we went to Minot then on Saturday for a little shopping, food, and coffee. And crumbl of course. Which speaking of, we have a new cookie place here! It just opened so I’ll have to go check that out and let you know how it compares to crumbl. Hopefully not better because that’s the last thing I need right in my town. I actually forgot about their opening and can’t believe I haven’t been yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday evening we got to finally see a little display of the northern lights that have been in abundance here the last couple months. Since we live right in town, they aren’t the easiest to see, so we totally lucked out! I haven’t seen them in so many years.

Beginning of the week, one of my boys got strep. Seriously one illness after another. We have really been hit hard since December! I can’t even with it all. Praying that this summer will give a little reprieve.

Mid week, my patio I’ve been dreaming of for years started coming to fruition. I’ve just been envisioning this fun summer outdoor hanging space where I can sip my coffee and let the kids play. And it’s happening! I’ve worked with the concrete guy to figure out the style and color and it’s just going to be beautiful. Today they came and did the foundation for it after digging it up yesterday and it’s bringing me so much happiness. I can’t wait to have it done and figure out some cute seating and styling and what not!

After a busy day yesterday of watching the concrete workers along with the reg daily duties, 😂, I was strapped for time making dinner. I ordered a couple cheese pizzas and a giant pepperoni pizza pretzel from the brewery and they are my new fav.

I also finished up a new sweater design today! Super colorful and just what I needed in my life. Feels so good to have that done and posted to my Etsy. Now I can get back to finishing the book I started last weekend. Im reading The Three Lives of Alix St. Pierre and it’s phenomenal.

If you need a dinner idea, I made fish tacos tonight that were probably the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Can’t take credit, the recipe I found was amazing. I skipped onions because im not a fan, and just used cilantro, red cabbage, cotija cheese, and avocado for garnishing. Like, it was perfect. I’ll link the recipe here if you want to try it. I highly recommend.

So yeah, there’s a little rundown of the past week! While I try think of more exciting things to write about. 🙂

Have a happy Friday!

One response to “Life Lately”

  1. You have a busy busy life Bethany! Unlike my days at this time in my life!! It’s so worth it all!❤️
    One of these days we will make it to your place again! Probably after Art retires in January! I can’t wait!! It’ll be fun to see your back deck!

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