Wifi disruptions

And just like that, it’s May. Here we are. Ready for all the warm weather. I brought the kids on a walk to Young Bucks, my fav coffee shop, yesterday morning. I treated them all to a drink because it was our first walk of the season! We then stopped by our house for a couple things, then walked over to the park and did a couple laps. For some odd reason, my baby was refusing to ride in the stroller, so I was pushing the almost 5 year old in it and carrying the baby for the walk. Talk about exhausting! Haha. But got a little extra calorie burn.

Today, I brought the kids up to a different park to play for awhile. After I picked up my coffee, I got back in the car and told the kids how happy I was, I just couldn’t keep it to myself! I’d done my workout, got my coffee, it was warm out, we wore shorts and tees, and that’s all we need. I’ve been waiting soooo long for this! And I know the kids have too. I’ve heard multiple times over the last couple days, “this is the best day ever!” Seriously, it’s just been amazing.

So if you remember like two weeks ago, we had the guy and then cops in my backyard that I found on my security camera. Well last Friday, I woke up to find my wifi was off. My daughter came and told me she couldn’t do her lessons, her wifi wasn’t working on her laptop. I checked our wifi providers website, no outages listed. I did some rebooting of the router, unplugging it, etc. nothing worked. I finally gave up and was ready to call them, when I saw their van pull up out front. I went out and asked him if something was up with the wifi. He said “oh you’re out too? Your neighbors next door and behind are also out.” So he headed back to check it out and I went back inside. Maybe twenty minutes later, it was back working.

There was a knock at my door and I went to answer it, it was the wifi guy. He asked if I was back on, then said “so it looks like somebody cut your wifi cables, just a clean snip across”. I immediately started thinking this must be related to the incident the week prior. I went onto my camera footage to see if it caught anything, but it didn’t, as they’d cut the wifi. One of my neighbors who’s wifi had been out too was talking to me and we were like so which of us is this guy after? He obviously knew the cameras run on wifi and needed them out. We had no idea what he was planning!

The next morning, I’d checked my cameras from that night, and the wifi had been cut again! I watched the aftermath and around 4am, the wifi people were out in the alley, as well as many people walking up and down with flashlights. I’m quite impressed actually with how quick they were out to put it back on!

That afternoon, my neighbor lady stopped to talk over the fence. She’s like “so did you hear our wifi bandit was back? And he stole the neighbors trailer!” She added on that it was all over Facebook how he had led the cops on a high speed pursuit over to a town in Montana about half hour away.

I’d checked online for any news about it, but there wasn’t anything until Sunday night. Then there was a news article about it and the guys arrest. He’d apparently been erratically driving to escape the police, hauling this trailer with him through fields and then down the highway! Haha, I can’t even imagine why. Those trailers aren’t like expensive. Unless he was stealing it to plan for a bigger haul later.

Our neighborhood has been fairly quiet, except for my lovely neighbors across the street who often have cops over, swat team once a couple months ago. But that drama has been going for years. This stuff is new and a little unsettling. The thought of people creeping around in the middle of the night, looking for things to steal. Many years ago, we had one of our car windows smashed and I’d had to report it. Then I’d seen a guy walking in the alley a couple nights later. That same night I’d heard one of our window well covers crash and that was it. I got security cameras installed, door and window alarms, and it’s been just fine since! Until now. I’m hoping last weekends incident was the last.

So that’s been my excitement! Haha. I actually quite enjoy having things go on out of the ordinary. But I am now checking my cameras for any odd people or events. Now tomorrow, the concrete company is coming to finish up our patio! I’m so excited for that. Then I’ll probably head to Minnesota next week as it’s finally nice weather and I haven’t been there in over three months! Crazy. Looking forward to that so much. Summer just brings all the best things. I’m trying to plan out a fun South Dakota trip for later this month. Custer is calling!

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  1. Tammie Byman Avatar
    Tammie Byman

    I love the sun too! Last weekend for mothers camp we had awesome weather! 🌝 now it’s back to
    Liquid sunshine!! 😟 waiting for more good weather! Have fun in Minnesota and say hi to your mom!

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