Happy Sunday!

I’m gearing up to head to Minnesota this week and I am so ridiculously excited. The concrete guys are coming to seal our patio hopefully tomorrow morning, that’s what I’m waiting on before heading out! You guys can’t imagine how excited I am about this patio being finished. Although hopefully I can settle on some decorating ideas rather quickly, that’s always where I get stuck because I like too many things! Regardless, I’m envisioning many coffees being enjoyed out there, kids playing in the yard, sunshine, and storm watching!

Back to the trip, every single aspect of this trip is thrilling me to think about. The hopes of starting the morning drive with a pretty sunrise, my first coffee stop in Minot, second coffee in Steele, third coffee in Alexandria 🤣. But for real. I am just excited to hang with my family and bestie. Haven’t seen any of them for too long! And you know, all the food and coffee and fun places to bring the kids. Since my mom moved to Buffalo, I’ve visited twice and it’s been winter both times! I haven’t made it to my dads grave either because of the snow, so that’s also on this trips agenda. Plus his 61st birthday would be this month.

I’m a bit concerned about my expedition however, meaning my car, not the travels. When I’d gone with the kids to South Dakota back at the end of February, I’d put coolant in and got it right to the max line. Well, I’ve noticed the last couple weeks that after my car has been idling for awhile and then driving at 70-75 mph (average Hwy speed out here) my temp light comes on if I’m going up a hill. It’s almost quite random. It seems to activate at a temp of 228. It’ll go up by 2’s until about 236, as I’m going up a hill. Once I’ve reached the top, I’ll let off the gas and within a few seconds, the numbers drop and it goes away. It’s so baffling. But. I decided I should check the coolant this week and it’s about 2” below the min line. There’s no visible signs of leaks where I park or under the hood. But it’s obviously downing coolant. Per research, I discovered there’s these things called shutters behind the grille that open and close depending on when they’re needed. Basically they let airflow through the engine compartment. If these shutters get stuck, the engine area’s going to get too hot. So that’s kind of what I’m thinking it must be. I haven’t had a chance to check yet though! If I’m right, I’m dropping everything and becoming a consultant mechanic. Actually, one of my friends here texted me a couple weeks back wondering if I know anything about repairing holes in radiator hoses as her husband was out of town. I actually laughed out loud. 😂 My sisters have even called me with emergency car situations. But just for like research, I can’t do hands on yet. 🤣

So anyway yes there’s all that. And then my sister and her three kids moved into my moms temporarily, so it’s going to be a full house, but will definitely be okay since the weather is nice now!

I’ve taken a week off of knitting since I finished my last project. I always like to take a break and give my other hobbies a little time. I’ve read three books in the last week, got some deep cleaning done in my kitchen, emptied my closet and reorganized it, amongst everything else. It’s so hard to do deep cleaning when you still have to do reg cleaning as well. The days basically just blur by. But it’s also so nice to get things done that get passed by when I have a project im working on. My dream someday is to just be able to design and have someone else knit them for me. 😂 I was going to take a longer break, but I found myself looking through my cotton yarn and found these pretty colors I need to make a sweater with. I’ll take it slow though!

Maybe this week I’ll have some more exciting things to talk about. Haha. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Have a safe trip!❤️

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