Minnesota roadtrip

Another trip to Minnesota has begun! I headed out at 630 am and made it in ten hours! First time we’ve made that good of time in a looong time. Kids were just so excited to get here that they were incredibly well behaved the whole drive. No fights, no tantrums, even the baby was good. It made for such a pleasant trip!

Notice the cute heart cloud!

I got my Minot coffee, we stopped in Fargo for lunch at chick fil a, another coffee stop in Alexandria, and that was it!

I almost hit a storm after Alexandria. I noticed the sky was getting a bit dark and had my oldest pull up my radar app. The system was moving in such a way that I was just a short bit ahead of it. Kind of relieving as I get a bit nervous not knowing what the storm will hold, but on the other hand, I have yet to experience a storm this spring! And I am all ready for that. Hopefully this week in Minnesota will grant me that wish!

I’ve got a pretty lax schedule for the week! Going to try get some garage saling in for summer clothes for the kids, lots of coffee of course, parks, target, Dunkin’ Donuts, crumbl, going to visit my dads grave, letting the kids meet up with friends. Maybe find a little cute museum to bring the kids too. Who knows! Haha. It’s gonna be a good time!

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