some Minnesota photos

Living the good life
in the sunshine ☀️
Taken by a 4 year old
Smoky skies in maple grove
There was ash falling from the sky
Mother’s Day coffee and flowers from my sister and her fiancé ❤️
Mother’s Day lunch made by my brother
Garage sale finds for my boys. They loved them!
Surprise golden 15th for my youngest sister
My people
She enjoys shopping for new clothing
Crumbl for a fun evening visiting
Shake shack 🍔
Best sunset I’d seen in a long while
Buffalo pizza at sturges park
Brought the kids to once upon a child
Mother’s Day gift from my oldest. She’s got such a sweet heart. Although one’s a wrinkle cream and ones for tired eyes. 🤣
Giant donuts from our Clearwater gas station stop on the way home

Love, Bethany

3 responses to “some Minnesota photos”

  1. Looks like you all had a great time in Minnesota!! Next road trip our here??? Anxious to see all of you!❤️

    1. We did have a wonderful time! Next up is Custer South Dakota! Haha. Then out there!

      1. Yay!!

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