life lately

I feel like a lot of my posts are just life lately. Haha. But seriously what a week I have had since getting back from Minnesota.

The day we left Minnesota, my baby had woke up with green stuff coming her her eyes. My sisters kids had all had that when I’d arrived in Minnesota. I’d hoped she wouldn’t get it, but alas, she did. Inevitably.

Saturday she started her nose running and a slight fever Saturday night. Sunday everything was worse. Monday afternoon I brought her into urgent care where they said she had a double ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. Monday evening her temp spiked to 104. I brought her into the ER where they tested her for all the main viruses, which were all negative, gave her a Tylenol suppository and an X-ray. Her diagnosis was adenovirus and viral pneumonia. They said to not give the antibiotics as her ear issues were viral.

The rest of the week continued with fevers, sneezing, coughing, eyes getting worse. Thursday night one eye swelled up so I brought her into the urgent care this morning and they prescribed eye drops. So I’m hoping that will help her eyes and she will kick this bug already. She’s also got teeth cutting I noticed, to kick it all. The poor girl has been really having a time of it!

And that’s really my life lately. I haven’t done anything this week but hold her and care for her and the rest of the household. Just praying next week will give some relief. We’d thought of going to Custer for the long weekend, but with her still being sick, we are staying put. Hopefully I’ll get some time to try do some house projects. Or even just cleaning.

I did get my sourdough donuts this week! Plus my morning coffee outings to keep the sanity, a pretty moon one evening, our first little storm of the season, and little peek of a sweater im working on that may never get finished.

Hope you all had a lovely week!

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  1. Sorry Freya has been sick! Hope she’s feeling better soon and the other kids don’t get sick!!

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