Sleepy V’s Donut Shop | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whenever I’m looking for somewhere new to adventure, the first thing that pops in my head is coffee. Followed by something that goes with coffee. Donuts. A match made in heaven! My recent trip to Minnesota led me to the cutest little donut shop in the Northeast Arts District. Sleepy V’s Donuts.

The donuts here are adorable! They have a small selection of regular sized and then a whole variety of minis. And they are cute. Like really photogenic cute. The shop itself is smaller with a bar counter and stools, and then there is a little side table near the windows with a couple chairs. Perfect if you’re alone or with a friend. I brought three of my kids along!The decor is just perfect for a donut shop!

I tried a selection of minis and one regular and they were all delicious! Really unique flavors and completely satisfied my craving for donuts and coffee! Yes, they do also sell coffee drinks. It’s a win win. (Also, check out the last pic of the mini door and window that was outside by their front door! So cute!!)

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