Zion National Park & St. George, Utah

We just got back from the most incredible trip! We headed from ND on a Saturday evening, drove through the night, encountered temps in the 20’s and a snowstorm in Montana. We had planned to stay the night in Provo, Utah, but were really not in the mood to stop yet. So we looked at the map and decided to drive until Zion National Park and check it out! It was in the 80’s when we arrived there! Such a drastic change in temps on that drive.

I last minute did some quick research and found an adorable hotel for the night in St. George, which was about 15-20 minutes from Zion. After hanging out at the park for a few hours, we grabbed In N Out and went to the hotel. Seriously cutest place ever! I couldn’t believe how we lucked out with such little planning. I usually do extensive research on finding the perfect hotel to stay at with 5 kids. The kids went for a swim in the pool in the evening while I ran out to find Starbucks for my hubby and I.

The following morning, we needed a quick breakfast before hitting the road to Disneyland. Another lucky break! The restaurant right by the hotel, Black Bear Diner, was highly rated and nearly empty at 9. We had an amazing breakfast, I had the bear claw French toast (to die for) and after grabbing a coffee at a little kiosk, we hit the road to Cali! Here’s some pics from our Zion and St. George adventure!

2 responses to “Zion National Park & St. George, Utah”

  1. I love seeing pictures of your adventures with the family! It’s so great that you go on these road trips. What amazing memories for you all! Our kids often bring up the road trips they went on as kids. Money and time spent traveling is money and time well spent!

    1. Thank you!! I agree, traveling is one of the best ways to really enjoy time together as a family! We are all loving seeing new things and places. There’s quite frankly not much we enjoy more!❤️

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