Dundee’s Donuts & Cannon Beach | Oregon Coast

I love the west coast. The beaches, the scenery, the fun things to do! It’s the best. Every summer, we take our annual family roadtrip to visit my husbands family in Washington. He grew up an hour from the coast, so it’s not a far drive for a day trip! I drive 2 hours one way to get a coffee and go to Target so…

This particular day, Ty was out fishing on the ocean, so it was the kids and I. Two of my sister in laws and their kids came as well. I stopped in Seaside, about 15 minutes from Cannon Beach, to pick up donuts and coffee. Dundee’s Donuts has a pretty large variety to choose from. Me being me though, the pink sprinkled ones were all I wanted. Plus, when you’re buying for a large group, might as well go basic!

Look how beautiful they are! And they tasted as delicious as they looked!

Seaside also now has a Starbucks drive thru (they were just finishing it up when we went through) for you to hit up after Dundee’s! Grab your coffee, your donuts, and beach time!

This was my first time seeing Haystack Rock at Canon Beach! Usually we have always gone to Indian Beach, closer towards Seaside. I loved seeing it and having a change in Beach scenery. Personally, I like Cannon better. Especially with kids. Indian beach is kind of a pain to get down to with kids in tow.

Cannon Beach has a parking lot right near the beach with a short flight of stairs. As well as restrooms and a playground in that area. There are a few different area to access Cannon beach, but if you have kids, this is the easiest.

The sand area is wide enough that kids can’t escape to the water without you noticing, unless you’re set up right next to the shoreline. We always park ourselves far enough to feel comfortable with the littles.

There’s so many things for the kids to keep entertained with while you visit or take photos or just relax. We saw adorable cute black bunnies running around, there are shells and apparently pieces of crabs for them to find, they can dig in the sand for hours!

Next time you’re looking for something to do on the west coast, I definitely suggest Dundee’s Donuts and Cannon beach. You’ll love it!


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