Winter in North Dakota has been pretty darn good so far this year. It’s just about the middle of December and we still don’t have any snow on the ground. Two days ago it hit 58 degrees in Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Watford City. Probably the warmest day of winter, and the kids and I were out there soaking it in.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the funnest thing to do around the bakken region. The rock formations are weird and awesome, it’s natures playground at its best. The kids can climb, slide, jump, and run. We hike around the trails, most are pleasant enough for the kids. There’s gorgeous views, bison, deer, longhorn cattle, and other small animals. After doing the park loop and seeing it all, we head to Watford and get coffee at Caribou in Cashwise for the drive home. Makes for a good day!❤️