Rabbit Bay, Michigan Photo Journal

My kids and I had left our house at 430 am for a week in Rabbit Bay. A mere 15 hour drive. As we neared Minot, we saw this gorgeous storm. The sunrise behind the storm was incredible.

Looking so pretty as we got out of the storm!

The Houghton- Hancock lift bridge. Always an exciting feel to see it!

First morning at the cabin!

A trip into Calumet for coffee at Cafe Rosetta! I love this town. I went here most mornings to check work related emails and send texts, etc. I had absolutely no service at the cabin this year! We typically don’t but can usually move around until we find a bar or two somewhere for a moment.

Definitely the best coffee shop around here. Cool thing is, the owners got the funds to start this place by working in the Bakken!


It’s so amazing have this be the backyard at the cabin. No words can describe the magic of this place. The afternoon hours are always spent swimming and hanging on the beach. Relaxing and trying to escape horseflies.

My view from my bed every morning.

A Saturday evening ice cream outing at Dairyland in Lake Linden. Best ice cream. I’m a sucker for Superman ice cream and always get it if it’s available, which it is here! And the og, not the vanilla Superman colored that other states tend to sell.

A beautiful morning. The sky was so hazy but the sparkles on the water made up for it.

A Sunday morning grocery run to Wal Mart in Houghton. I brought my three youngest and we stopped for Biggby Coffee. A new favorite in Houghton! I didn’t even know this place existed until then.

Just a pile of floaties!

In their own little worlds.

A lighthouse evening with my sisters and cousin. We went here last summer as well and it’s become my new favorite place. Only ten minutes from our cabin!

My aunt and uncle drove up to rabbit bay for the day to visit! This uncle was my dads oldest brother. My boys just loved having him there and couldn’t stop talking about him. They’ve never really visited him too much in the past, but he was outside playing kickball with them for hours. Then I’d glanced out the window and saw my oldest son standing with him on the beach and it just touched me how many times this was my dad. The boys sat by my uncle all evening on the couch, just like they did with my dad. ❤️

I made breakfast pasties for everyone for dinner one evening. Sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and cheese all put into a homemade pasty crust. Definitely going to make those again!

One evening on the beach

This was finally my good sunrise morning! I woke to the sun shining golden through the window at 530. I snuck quietly out of bed and ran down to the beach. It was cold and stunning. There was a mist across the water that looked incredible in the rising sun. Made my day.

The night before had been really cold. My sisters and I and my cousin would visit outside in the evening after sauna for hours. Usually until around 2 am. That night in particular had dropped to 43 degrees! We had to close up our bear watch early. Yes, we hoped to see a bear. We had a few hopeful scares but never saw one.

I got the rest of them hooked on Biggby too. I always buy vacation hoodies and treated my sister to one as a late bday gift. Naturally we had to try get a pic in them.

Ambassador pizza pickup in Houghton. Another tradition.

Last day on the beach!

My mom made us breakfast on our last morning. French toast and bacon! Then our crews hit the road.

It was another perfect summer vacation there! It oddly felt like a girls trip, which was fun but felt weird at the same time. No grandpa, no dad, none of my brothers made it. Just me and my kids, my sister and her kids, my three other sisters, my mom and my grandma. So sadly we didn’t get to jet ski or grill. My mom tried to grill one summer and everything started on fire, so we abolished that one. 😂

But regardless, it was amazing. Some good bonding time, good coffee, sauna, beach, ice cream, runs to town, bear watching, spider watching (they were everywhere), horsefly killing, classic cold Lake Superior swimming, lighthouse walk, and memories that will never be forgotten. There’s no better place on earth.


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