September’s Minnesota Trip

A week after getting back from Washington, the kids and I went to Minnesota to bring my youngest sister home. She had come with us on our west coast roadtrip this year, much to hers and my eldest daughters delight! The weather in Minnesota was rainy for all the days we were there except the last. It was fun as always anyway! Always nice being back home no matter the weather. A couple of my sisters and I went out for dinner at Smash Burger in Plymouth. It was decent, besides a ridiculous wait time! Then followed that up with ice cream from Honey & Mackies. Love that place. We all got Oreo cake batter and it was amazing! I did a few Target runs, Saturday morning Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou coffee, and my friend took three of my kids for a sleepover! Highlight of their month. I also scheduled an early morning oil change in Buffalo, got myself a caribou and spent a good hour relaxing alone. Love oil changes! 🤣 Our last day there, I brought two of my girls to see the sidewalk chalk fest in Maple Grove. We got cheese curds and Dunn Bros there and then Noodles & Co for dinner. It was such a good afternoon. In the evening, my mom and siblings, my cousin Trav, and a few of his siblings, had a birthday party for my sister and I. Her birthday is the day before mine in August, so we get to celebrate together! Was such a short but perfect trip. Can’t wait to go back in October for a bit longer!


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