My Morning Routine

I used to be a really non routine type person. Everything was go with the flow. For the most part it still is, except my mornings and evenings. While I’m at home anyway and not traveling.

First thing in the morning is always a drink of water, then changing into my workout clothes. I used to drink crystal light energy packets mixed into water while I worked out, but I’ve changed it to Ice water blue raspberry energy in the past couple years. There’s nothing artificial, not too much caffeine, carbonated, and they taste amazing. Another piece of my morning routine that I look forward to!

I do a 20-30 minute workout before the kids wake up. I try workout an hour per day, but I split it up into segments throughout. It’s a little difficult to fit it in all at once when kids are so good at sensing that I’m awake and they feel they must be as well. 😂 So I stick with a morning workout, afternoon walking or elliptical, and then evening is toning/yoga. Something a little more gentle.

After my workout, I usually have a protein shake. Currently though, I’m just eating high protein foods since I’m nursing and I’ve heard protein shakes can cause gas and irritability in newborns. So I’m going to hold off on those for a bit!

Todays breakfast was two eggs, a Greek yogurt, a slice of sourdough, and my coffee. The protein in these combined is more than a protein shake anyway!:)

I like to multi task and make my coffee while I make my breakfast. You just never know when the youngest kids are going to wake up, and then it’s quite difficult to accomplish this all.

I’ve discovered the most amazing coffee recently! Joshua Tree Coffee espresso. Shipped straight from Joshua Tree, California. It’s honestly the best espresso I have ever ever had. My recent order was a four pound bag! It’s ginormous.

After I’ve made my coffee and breakfast, then I’ll sit down to eat and reply to Etsy messages and emails. The kids are usually up at this point and officially the non stop of the day will begin.

Needless to say, my morning routine is honestly the most important thing for me to have a calm state of mind for the day. And I love it!

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