Two Years Later

Two years ago today I lost my dad.

The time has gone by fast. I’ve busied myself with children, my little business, and everything else in life. Anything to keep my mind from going back to that day. Anything to try forget that he’s not here anymore. But it still often does. And I can remember every single little detail of that day of excruciating heartbreak. So much that the pain cuts just as sharp now, two years later.

I could write so much. But at the same time, I don’t want to write at all. I still feel lost without him. There’s certain parts of life that people fill. He filled many. He was always there to listen, laugh, reassure, understand, be a place of comfort. He was my go to for my exciting news, stressful days, business questions, life questions, or just when I really needed someone to talk to other than my kids.

He was and still is my inspiration. I strive to be like him. To be to others what he was to me. Losing him really made me take a step back and realize what life is about. It’s not about the things you gather as you go, worrying about what you look like, trying to make as much money as you can, or other piddly nonsense. It’s about faith and love and light. It’s doing the things that make you happy, making your loved ones happy, and enjoying every single minute of this life you were given.

Christmas shopping for my mom one year ❤️
😂 he took this selfie with one of my brothers birds. One of the moments when it would decide to sit on him instead of attack him.

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