Spring (ish) Minnesota Trip

I finally got away to spend a week in Minnesota! I hadn’t been there since thanksgiving and even that was only a 2 day trip. It was so nice to get out of town and a change of scenery. And escape from the seemingly never ending blizzards striking North Dakota.

This was also my first trip with six kids. It took us a whole whopping thirteen hours to get there. Mind you, this is, on average a ten hour drive. My baby was fine most of the way and then the last couple hours she just wasn’t having it anymore. I vowed I’m not taking another trip until she’s old enough to be distracted and entertained! However, I know I will. Can’t resist the urge to get away! 😂

I went to an art sale on this trip in Dassel! That was so much fun. I had found out about it on Instagram and the paintings advertised were right up my ally. The colors are basically ones I dream of. Pretty pastels all intermingled. One of my sisters came with me and we just had the best time admiring the art work. I took home two pieces to hang in my knitting room, I’ll show you once they’re up. And I even convinced my sister to buy a piece she had fallen in love with. They also offer painting classes there and I’m definitely going on my best Minnesota trip!

Besides the art sale, which was my highlight, I fit in daily caribou coffee and target runs. I sometimes wonder if I intentionally subconsciously forget to get things at target so that I have to go back the next day. It’s only a ten minute drive from my moms, so no biggie anyway. But it’s how I started every day! Warm the car (disturbing we still are having to do that when it’s almost may), and off I’d go with my baby. A most pleasant way to start the day.

I tried out shake shack for the first time in Arbor Lakes! One of my sisters had mentioned it’s really good. I had taken all my kids out with me on a rainy day for fun and I had planned on getting them lunch as well. However, when I saw the prices at shake shack, I decided I’d treat myself and get them something elsewhere. 🤣 I mean, that would have cost about $45 for burgers for us all. But it definitely was a good burger!

I really did fit in everything I wanted to do on this trip. Crumbl cookies, Honey and Mackies ice cream, indoor playground place with the kids, and lots of coffee. Granted, the weather wasn’t very fab all week, so it was mainly indoor fun. It was a fun and busy and relaxing week! Just what I needed.

My drive home thankfully went a lot faster than the drive there. Ten and a half hours! Stopped three times for coffee and to feed and change the baby, one stop for dinner, twice for gas. And it wasn’t bad at all. So now I’m excited and looking forward to the next trip! (Also, the last pic up there, storm damage to telephone poles on Hwy 2) 😮

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