Monday Musings

It seems every time you turn around nowadays you see new things being bad for you, new things you must do to be healthy. It’s impossible to keep up with it all if you’re into that.

Why is it seemingly difficult for people to understand you can just simply live a balanced and enjoyable life? That’s the healthiest way to live. But I think all these articles we are constantly seeing are pushing fear into people that if you’re eating this, using this, doing that, you’re giving yourself a death sentence. I mean really, who’s writing these articles anyway? That’s one of the frustrating things about social media, people constantly sharing everything they see that gives them a little shock. And you know how it goes from there. Soon everyone’s letting everyone know this brand of shampoo will give you cancer.

Essentially, you must live off the land (with a plethora of oils) or you’re doomed.

So unless that would be a life you sincerely enjoy and find fulfilling, why? Were we put on this earth to simply do everything we can to try and live as long as possible? And stress and worry about it?

I’m all for healthy habits. I workout daily, I get as much sleep as I can, I eat a balanced diet. I limit “junk” foods. I opt for organic when available. But I do not restrict myself and stress about it. I don’t worry about the ingredients of every thing I eat. And I, like many, have a couple things that would be considered “bad” habits or vices. It’s called enjoying life.

During fitness research, one site I had been reading made a good point. You could work as hard as possible to be in as good of shape as possible and healthy as all get out, but your quality of life will not be the best. You won’t be enjoying dinners and meals out, holidays and parties, feel good treats. And those are proven to be mood boosters.

I worked my teen years at grocery stores and gas stations. One thing I noticed, especially at grocery stores, was the people who had all super healthy food, were the unhappiest and most rude. No joke. They would rarely smile, they wouldn’t participate in conversation. The people who had a mix of stuff were always the friendliest. Those with the healthy eats and their chocolate, chips, whatever. So interesting. You are what you eat. 🤣

I live a lifestyle where I feel good, both mentally and physically. Stress is so bad for you. But the more things you pile onto your plate to avoid in life, you’re going to pile the stress on as well.

We were all given a time to be born and a time to die. I think we ought to trust that. God wants us to live a happy life without fear or worry. We have this one body and life on earth. Live it well. Enjoy it. No need to inspect every ingredient in your shampoo.

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