10 Fun tips to Roadtrip alone with kids

The kids and I headed out to Minnesota yesterday morning for a one or two week trip. I’m flex. We will see how long I hang around. Today would be my dads 60th birthday and I felt it would be a good time to be with my family. I’ve lately been in another funk of missing him like mad and there’s no better way to feel happier than being here. We are planning to go to the cemetery this early evening to visit. Then one of my sisters and I are taking a painting class out that way! Should be fun, I’ve never done one before!

Anyway, I’m often asked about traveling with kids. I’ve been doing it alone, meaning no husband or help along, for roughly ten years! Sheesh, it’s been long! So I kind of have it nailed down for the most part. I’ll share my secrets with you.

1. Pack and have everything ready to just pop in the vehicle the night before. I mean everything. If it won’t be freezing out or extremely hot, put everything into the car the night before.

2. Coffee first thing. I always look forward to the first coffee. That’s what gets me on the road. Honestly if I didn’t have a coffee stop to look forward to, I’d probably never get out the door.

3. Envision your final destination and how much fun you’re going to have. You’ll be in better spirits and have more motivation to keep on trucking!

4. Stop at rest stops for bathroom use instead of the gas station. Rookie mistake I made for years. Now instead of having them beg for snacks and drinks and spending a fortune, they grab free visitors guides!

5. This should actually be first, but time your travels where you’ll see the sunrise. Besides the fact you get a gorgeous start to the day, the kids will sleep for awhile.

6. Plan a fun lunch stop to break up the travels. We always stop at chick fil a in Fargo. After that, all the kids know it’s only 3 and a half more hours to go!

7. Get another coffee after lunch.

8. Make sure you have bribery treats to give the kids in intervals. It actually does work and is well worth it.

9. Keep the kids occupied. If you’re against screen use (I allow it on trips) play I spy, spout out random facts and trivia questions to the kids to keep them from getting too bored, have kids books along. Do whatever it takes.

10. Find somewhere unique to let the kids out and burn some energy. I have stopped to see a giant cow statue, a giant bird, visitors centers that have fun artifacts outside, or even just a rest stop playground. And throw in a little picnic snack!

Happy travels!

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