Minnesota Trip Photos

Okay. Let me start by saying I did not spend the entire week in Minnesota drinking coffee and eating donuts. I know it looks that way. Actually I did spend quite a bit of it drinking coffee.

It was such a busy week! My sister and I attended the paint class I mentioned and it was such a highlight of the week. There were only three of us there besides the instructor and that was really nice. She taught us some fun techniques and we went home with cute paintings and good memories. I’m definitely going to be doing that again!

My trip started with Dunkin Donuts. That was for celebrating my dads would be 60th birthday. His favorite donut was maple and it seems my kids all take after him.

We also celebrated one of my sisters birthdays. Her 24th! We had gotten pizza from Frankie’s Pizza to celebrate my dad a few days prior and since we loved that so much, we did it again! They have a mac and cheese pizza that is out of this world. And their cheesy bread, best thing ever. Try it.

I brought my kids and little sister out to Buffalo for some thrift shopping one afternoon and stopped at a book store. I love buying books. So much. But never at book stores because they’re a bit expensive. So I just got a coffee from the coffee shop in there and browsed for a short. I was looking for a poetry book but their selection was pretty tiny. Cute place anyway!

My sister also had a baptism for her baby who I’m a godparent for. And this baby is just a doll. Sweetest, happiest, chubbiest little girl. I’m so happy to have that special title for her!

I managed to do a little work on my latest sweater I’m designing, which is for my baby! I had knit her one before she was born, but it fit for just a few days as she was on the larger side. 😂

My sister also treated me to kung fu tea one day! That was my first time trying that and it was really good. They have so many things on their menu that look amazing. I’m def going to try it again on my next trip.

The kids and I went to Minnetonka one morning to get Yo Yo Donuts! Their donuts are so fun and unique, and most of my kids just wanted the maple. I got something called an espresso bomb and oh my gosh it was good. A little round donut filled with espresso cream. Sometimes I feel like I should have been a cop. I have that lifestyle down pretty good.

On my way home from Minnesota, I stopped at this awesome bakery inside a Holiday gas station in Clearwater. They sell giant donuts. I mean check out the size of that bear claw. All their donuts are that size and they’re really just fun to get because of their hugeness! I only ate a tiny piece of this one because sprinkle is always my favorite.

And the last photo! My brother gave me one of the hoodies he had made for my dads business that he now runs. I love it! I’m a hoodie fanatic and there’s no business I’d rather represent than oxmen. Seriously, if you carry loads or anything on your shoulders, check them out! So many construction and manufacturing companies use his shoulder pads and they’ve been incredibly beneficial to them. I’m so proud of my dad. And my brothers for carrying it on for him now.

I’m so grateful to be able to be traveling again and being with my family. After such a long winter, it’s just been amazing. I have quite a few trips planned this summer! Next up will be Yellowstone and then back to Minnesota the end of June! So excited for it all.

I hope you enjoyed my week of donuts and hopefully you’re all having a lovely start to summer as well!

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