A Weekend in Ennis, Montana

We took a few day trip to the southwestern area of Montana this past weekend. Our original plan included a day spent at Yellowstone National Park, but that closed a few days before our trip due to the flooding. Kind of bummed as we hadn’t been there yet and we try to get to a new National park each summer. My brother in law and his wife are currently living out that way so that was our reason for the trip anyway, to see them!

Main Street in Ennis

The town of Ennis is absolutely beautiful! It’s your classic small cute town with a view of the mountains at the end of the street. Main street is lined with gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. It seemed to always be quite busy!

Ennis Lake

Our first evening we spent at my brother in laws campground where they’re staying on Ennis lake. Absolutely stunning. With the mountains as a backdrop, some snow peaked, it was nearly surreal. I could’ve sat there forever just in peace. Especially as the sun was going down, bringing out the colors in the sparkling water, everything vibrant.

Black Butte Coffee Co.

I had, of course, done some research on coffee shops before we went and Black Butte Coffee Co was the clear winner. We went there each morning for our coffee! Father’s Day morning we got coffee and breakfast, French toast muffins, which were delish. The interior is small, cozy, and adorable. I love finding coffee shops that have this kind of vibe. Velvet loveseat, wood, colors. There isn’t much space for sitting, as we had a large group, so we took our drinks and food outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. And their coffee was indeed fabulous!

We didn’t eat too much in Ennis as we barbecued the first night out at the lake and then adventured out of town the next days. There is a waffle on a stick place called Devon’s Waffles that I wanted to try, but they’re only open a few days a week and it was the days we weren’t there. Then Ennis Cafe is also highly rated but they weren’t open either. So we ate at Yesterdays Soda Fountain and Restaurant, which was okay! Standard breakfast. I’ve had better, but again, it wasn’t terrible. 🙂

Our Motel

We stayed at the Riverside Motel, which was really cute! It’s conveniently located right off of Main Street at the end of the shops. The price was decent, the rooms were clean and cozy, shower hot. The nice thing too is that they have rooms with lots of beds! The room we stayed in had a main area with a queen and twin, then another bedroom with a queen. Plenty of space for a pack n play for the baby as well. We saw a few deer out back even one day!

Our last evening there, we ate at McAllister Inn Steakhouse. I was a bit nervous about eating at a more fancy place than our usual diners and dives with six kids. But it turned out to be perfect! My brother in law called ahead and got us a table and it was in its own separate room! Talk about amazing. No worries of kids bothering others. The food there was phenomenal. We got pretzels with a cheese dip, truffled Alfredo, and Caesar salad. The kids all got their own little meals that were all fancied up. Even our water glasses were fancy. We all loved it! And I got a slice of chocolate cake to go, highly recommend. I had run out to the car to grab something and got to see a beautiful rainbow as well! Such a lovely evening it was.

And that’s it for my favorites from Ennis. Next up will be our Sunday adventure to Virginia City, 15 minutes from Ennis!

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  1. What a fun adventure!!

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