Earthquake Lake, Montana

When I’d heard Yellowstone was going to be closed just a few days before we were headed there, I needed to find at least one cool scenic attraction in the area. After a short amount of research, I found out about this place, Earthquake Lake.

In the late nighttime hours on August 17th, 1959, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit this area of Montana. It caused 28 fatalities and formed what is now called Earthquake Lake. The story is chilling and heartbreaking, leaving an entire campground lying beneath this lake.

The Slide Wall
My four year old took this one!

The views from the visitor center are gorgeous! The last two photos my brother in law took from higher up on the hiking trail they went on. I stayed behind with my two youngest as I really wasn’t equipped with the right shoes to carry a baby on rocky trails. But do take the hike if you are able! It looked so beautiful from up there and is doable with children!

There’s many areas to take photos and there’s also the visitor center with videos and Infograph’s teaching about the night of terror. There are also restrooms for use! Pack a lunch and go enjoy an afternoon learning the history of earthquake lake and marveling at the views.:)

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