Michigan Cabin Trip

We made it back home from our Michigan trip a few days ago, so thought I’d share some of my favorite pics and memories from the trip! Before we embark on the next one to the west coast! Otherwise I’ll get way too far behind here.

Morning we left
Minot stop for coffee and breakfast
A stop at crumbl our night in MN
The iconic bridge connecting Houghton & Hancock
Pre sunset golden hour
First night on the beach
Heeeey gorgeous

Most of our cabin days were spent sleeping in, playing on the beach, doing coffee runs to town, and all evenings were spent having sauna and visiting until the wee hours of the morning. Some nights of visiting over tired led to the hardest I have laughed in many years. Like tears streaming laughter. At one point I thought I might have a heart attack because my heart wasn’t used to that! My youngest sister was laughing at me saying she’s never seen me laugh so much. It felt so good!

Cabin front yard. Sauna is the log hut!
Coffee and strawberry crepes from Cafe Rosetta
Gorgeous Lake Superior
The driveway
Halfway through this book and still not into it

We spent a couple different mornings in the town of Calumet getting coffee and breakfast from Cafe Rosetta, my favorite. The kids got their trip to Calumet Mercantile for candy and a toy. I got my annual Michigan sweatshirt and fudge, which I cannot believe I forgot to get a pic of. Then my sister and her boyfriend and I got some fish and chips from a little joint called Offshore Fish n Chips. It was delish.

Cafe Rosetta
Calumet Mercantile

On Friday, a majority of the group left. Only my grandma, my mom, my youngest sister, and my kids and I were left. We went to Houghton both Friday evening and Saturday. My favorite coffee drive thru there is Steep & Brew, and I went into the boutique attached to it and found a bunch of adorable things. They had sauna accessories there that were so pretty and I am now planning a sauna addition in my basement. There’s a kitchen down there that’s never used so I’m thinking it will work to just build the sauna there. Plumbing is already there!

Archie comic selection. I did get one!
Seriously could have browsed forever

I noticed our favorite ice cream place we have gone to since we were kids closed down, so unfortunately had to find a new one. A little google search led us to a comic book shop called Black Ice Comics. Kind of a cute place and the ice cream was good! We then picked up pizza at Ambassador, and brought it back to the cabin to enjoy. Seriously can never get enough of their pizza.

My three oldest went to youth camp for the last few days of our trip. The camp is two hours from the cabin, near Marquette. My little sister came along with us to drop them off there. Then we decided to adventure out to Marquette to go to Target, get coffee, pasties for lunch at Laurys Pasties, then find something fun to do. Originally, I had booked tickets to go on a cruise to see Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. I’ve been anxious to go there since I discovered it online a few years ago. However, the weather flipped on us and there was storms, wind, and riptide warnings for the coast. So that was canceled. Next summer it will have to be!

A morning stop for donuts before heading to Marquette
So good.

We ended up finding this cool metal sculpture roadside park. I love roadside attractions. They’re always so random. And another plus, it was free to go to! The kids had so much fun. There was a trail called the Bog Walk that we ventured on and it was lined with blueberry bushes. The kids were so excited and sat there picking and eating berries for awhile. I’m pretty sure that was the highlight for them! The trail for the sculptures was maybe 1/2 mile total so we walked it, checking out each exhibit. If you somehow find yourself near Marquette, Michigan, go there.

Picking blueberries

Our last evening at the cabin was a stormy one! It wasn’t bad there, a couple hours of lightning and thunder. I had managed to snag enough service on my phone to check the radar and saw there were severe storm warnings right over the kids camp. I got a little stressed then! I know, it’s really not a big deal, but I wasn’t with them and a couple of them get nervous around storms. But then it got worse! I saw two tornado icons on the radar map, maybe twenty miles south of their camp. Then I really got nervous, envisioning the worst. The camp is down a 9 mile long road surrounded by trees. I was just seeing those trees coming down, the camp being demolished, emergency services not able to make it out here. 🙈 There were three TVS signals total, but it all turned out good! Stress for nothing. Haha.

Pre storm
Looking out towards where my children and the tornadoes were
Sky post storm

So then there was this. When I picked them up the next afternoon, my ten year old said she woke up the first night seeing a ghost girl sitting next to her on her bunk. Like for real. She said she had black hair and brown eyes, a blue shirt and white shorts. She says she scrambled off the bunk, falling, then ran into the hallway. As it was the middle of the night, no one was awake so she went back in her room. The girl was gone. For the life of me, I cannot figure out if this girl is being truthful or not! Haha. She is a storyteller at times. But yeah, apparently she doesn’t want to go back to that camp ever. 🤣

We headed back to Minnesota after picking the kids up from camp, stayed the night at my moms house, then headed back home the next morning! Such a fun but exhausting week and a half. Now just a little home time before leaving to the west coast!

Lunch break in Wisconsin

Also. I did forget my aeropress at home, if you happened to read my post about packing. I was thirty minutes out of town when I realized I’d left it! I couldn’t believe it. I ended up just purchasing another at target in Minnesota that my sister bought off me after. Seriously unimpressed with myself.

Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow evening, I’ll share pics from the lighthouse we went to twice. Too many photos for this post. 😂

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Isnt it great to laugh til you cry? Or your stomach hurts so bad and you can hardly breathe? what a great time!

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