White City Lighthouse Photo Journal

Going to the White City Lighthouse has become an annual tradition for us at the cabin. We leave the littles behind to get babysat and just us older ones go. The last couple years it’s just been us girls, but this year since my younger brother was there, his friend from Finland, and my sisters boyfriend, came along also.

We always go at sunset to try get some pretty photos. It’s only a ten minute drive from the cabin, so we can usually time it out pretty good! The parking area is a dirt loop with a creepy swing set and picnic tables scattered around. In past years there hasn’t been anyone else there, but both times I went on this trip, there were other parties. Which isn’t too big of a deal typically. Unfortunately though, the first night, a group of teens got there right before us and decided to hunker down all evening directly in front of the lighthouse. So I didn’t get any photos of it, except the sides as I didn’t want them in it.

The second night I went, I brought my youngest sister and two oldest daughters. That was my girls first time there and they loved walking down to the lighthouse and taking photos of the sunset. I love seeing them experience new places and making new memories. I know the cabin trips are going to be something that sticks with them forever. Days of sunshine soaked happiness, love, and family.

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