Whitefish, Montana Photo Journal

After driving nearly ten hours on highway 2 across Montana, it’s always an exciting feeling to catch the staggering view of Glacier National Park. Rising up from the prairies, the jagged peaks against the horizon.

The highway drive from the east side of the park towards Whitefish is so beautiful. Gorgeous views, tons of trees. It’s such a surreal feeling after the miles of open prairies just before.

From the minute we leave home, there isn’t any decent coffee shops until you hit the first larger town after Glacier, which is Columbia Falls. I was so excited to see they got this Starbucks there this year! It’s super cute too. All woodsy style.

A drive thru run at Mudman Burger in Columbia Falls post coffee. We get this every year. Best burgers around imo. And then off to check in to our motel in Whitefish!

I booked us the family suite at the Chalet Inn in Whitefish. We stayed here previously two years ago and I thought it was the cutest. The eclectic decor is completely my style. Besides the exterior being adorable, our room this time was the best thing ever. Everyone was in love!

They had changed the office lobby this time around and still so chic. It’s also got the best lighting.

Behold the fabulous family suite! Isn’t it a beauty?! There were views of the mountains all around. That teddy bear on the chair was an absolute hit with the kids. Not often there’s a big teddy bear in their hotel room.

After we checked in, unpacked a couple things, and ate our burgers, we headed out to Glacier. Literally just for the sunset and to see Lake McDonald. The kids splashed around in the water for a bit, I got a few photos, it was a perfect end to the day.

In the morning, we checked out and then headed to get breakfast at Amazing Crepes. The morning was so hectic I can’t even remember what kind we got, but they were good and something different! Then we went to the best coffee shop, Montana Coffee Traders. I love that place!

We brought our breakfast and coffee to the park and ate there. I always forget at this time of year there are so many bees. Like so many. It really ruins outdoor eating!

Then we did our stop at Krispy Kreme for a box of donuts before hitting the road to Washington! Until next year! Can’t wait to go back to Whitefish!

One response to “Whitefish, Montana Photo Journal”

  1. That chalet you stayed in looks very unique but very nice! Cute that there was a teddy bear waiting for you!

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