Arcadia Beach, Oregon Daytrip

Every day in Washington started with Red Leaf. I love their coffee so much. Just thinking about it makes me want to fly out there for some. If it was that easy. I brought along my latest read for the drive to the ocean, The It Girl by Ruth Ware. I have since finished that book and it was a good good good one!

I ran into Dundees Donuts in Seaside for a dozen to bring to the beach. Unfortunately they were out of the cute pink ones, but since we weren’t there very early, I was kind of expecting that.

I basically cleaned out their shelves with these ones!

Our original plan had been to go to Hug Point beach, which was just a bit past Arcadia. We had even timed out the tide so we’d be able to see the pretty waterfall on the beach and explore the caves. However, apparently they have a quite small parking lot there and it was full. Super disappointing as Arcadia was probably the least pretty of all the beaches we go to! Hopefully next summer we will be able to make it to Hug Point! But it was still fun to see a new beach this summer.

See the little orange starfish on the rock there?!

Just me and my baby. And my second youngest behind me there.:) She was in her own little paradise playing in this little stream of water. Thank goodness it was there so they didn’t have any desire whatsoever to head toward the ocean. Oceans never fail to stress me out.

After the beach, we went to Ship Out Fish and Chips in Astoria. This place is literally the best fish and chips out there. If you go there and order, it’s a bit of a wait. This year I called ahead to order so it would be ready when we got there.

And still following the no eating in the car rule, we sat to eat outside at the tables there. I love their food so much I even bought a hoodie! 🤣

Days at the beach always go by so fast, but it’s one place I wish we’d had time to go to again in our week. Worth it!

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