How accurate are memories?

I recently heard that what you remember from years ago may not be completely accurate. Honestly that’s really disturbing to me because I tend to love looking back on memories and reminiscing. I think because I have taken tons of photos over the years, I have those to back me up. And really, how do they even do research on peoples memories versus reality?

But I do have one memory that seems a bit outlandish. The bummer is I don’t have any photos from that time (got rid of the phone I had shortly after then and didn’t get any pics off it) nor am I in contact with any of the people I was with.

This one event in question happened when I was seventeen. A whopping sixteen years ago. I actually can’t believe it’s been that long. What in the world. Freshly graduated and enjoying it to thee fullest. It didn’t end on the best note, but before that was fabulous.

Anyway, a group of us had gone to St. Paul to some type of fair thing at Harriet Island. First and last time I’d been there. I don’t even remember what was going on, but I remember walking around in the heat, smoking cigarettes here and there. Food stands were lined all over with the smell of fried food left lingering in the hot air. We spent the day there then headed back to Cokato in the evening. Our group was split up into two cars and we were cruising down 394, going a bit fast (I wasn’t driving 😂). Suddenly cop lights popped up in the rear view mirror behind us. We were the first car, our other friends were behind us. So we started pulling over to the side and, behold the mystery, we heard over an intercom that we didn’t need to pull over, just the other car did.

I didn’t even think back on this until just a few years ago when I was talking to someone about it. And I suddenly thought, what?! Did a cop really turn on an intercom and tell us not to pull over? It seems so weird because I’ve never seen nor heard of such a thing. Granted, I’ve never been in the situation again. But now I’m left wondering whether that actually happened. Did cops used to do that when just simply pulling people over for speeding? Because I swear it happened. 🤷🏽‍♀️

After pondering that, I started going down a rabbit hole of other memories, debating whether they happened the way I remember. Obviously I’ll never know, but it is kind of funny in an unsettling way to think of. I just hope they’re accurate, because they were good ones. And on the other hand, who cares really, if they’re not accurate but you remember a happy positive event. I think that’s a good thing! Sometimes I’m just left wishing I could take a little hop back to those days.

2 responses to “How accurate are memories?”

  1. Its funny too how two people at the same event can remember it differently!

    1. Yes that too! Maybe we ought to just start videoing every event! 🤣

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