Friday Coffee Chat

Happy Friday! Another week just whizzed on by. I can’t with how fast the days go. I’ll officially be heading back home this weekend after multiple delays from snow storms and bad roads. I am straight up exhausted and can’t wait to be back!

I have a knitting pattern I’ve been planning to release this weekend, but it is so crazy here that I’m really behind schedule. My sister has been here everyday with her three kids and when they are together with my kids, it’s like a tornado. A non stop tornado. No break. Loud and destructing everything in their path. They all love being together so much though that it’s just gotta be!


I’ve currently banned myself from going to Target anymore, unless I have good reason. There’s a good chance I may sneak there tomorrow for just a couple roadtrip snacks, but I may need a handler to assist me and hold me back from any extra things. I want to know Targets secret for making a person relaxed and wanting to browse and buy. My friend and I were just saying how a perfect outing would be browsing target, coffees in hand, chocolate, and cozy loungewear. I mean that sounds like the best meet up. My next trip I’ll just take out cash and that will be my target trip money. It’s just become sort of an issue since there’s a target like five minutes from my moms now.

My mom just moved into her rental like a week before I came here so everything hasn’t been set up yet. I’ve been sleeping on a twin mattress with my two youngest 😂 and honestly can’t wait to get back home to my bed. I actually like that I have things to look forward to both coming and going. Makes it easier going home. I don’t have anyone to visit on the daily there, but I have peace and calm and my bed with room for extras. 🤣

As I have been delayed so much, we’ll be staying home for thanksgiving this year! I’m debating even doing a turkey because we aren’t really the biggest fans. But I’ll be making some buns, loootts of stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cheesy veggies, and prob pumpkin cheesecake pie! I didn’t read the article, but I saw a title saying that this year it may be cheaper to dine out than make a meal. Which I believe. Im going to tally up how much this meal costs. Then it’s thanksgiving evening I’m so excited for. Setting up the tree, pulling out all my Christmas decorations, doing some online shopping for Christmas presents. And Christmas season will be right upon us!

It’s funny because I’ve noticed each year, people seem to put up their trees earlier and earlier. I cannot do that. Much as I’d like to get my house all nice and cute and cozy, it just has to wait until thanksgiving evening. Growing up, we always set up and decorated the tree after the dinner. And that’s how I’ve been doing it. I do however listen to Christmas music once we hit November though. It’s fun to have something new to listen to for a bit!

So today is just being spent finishing up the knitting on this sweater, probably an evening run to target for the aforementioned road trip snacks, packing everything up, and getting ready to head home! Can’t wait for my morning coffee and quietness on the road.

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