Life Lately | First Week of 2023

I’m really trying to get a few more posts up weekly. I need to get traveling so I can have more things to write about that are actually something different! My day to day here is mainly the same thing with a few little exciting things tossed in, like new shoes or a target snack shipment. Yeah, I order snacks from target.

The first week of the new year was of course busy here at home. There’s never a time in my life that isn’t busy tbh. Even just mentally. If there’s nothing immediate to worry about, my brain will give me something to worry about. I feel like this is a thing a lot of moms develop. And if you don’t, you are one of the lucky ones!

I’ve been meaning to get some new workout shoes for ages. I’ve been working out barefoot for awhile and finally hurt my foot. The hard thing about shopping online for shoes is that first, there’s so so many options. Second, you just don’t know how they’ll fit. And I hate shipping things back, such a pain. But I found a pair of Veja trainers half price, and they fit perfect! They feel light and are super comfy. So happy with this purchase!

I got some new tires put on my expedition last week. And usually that’s not something I’d ever bother mentioning, but these tires. They’re amazing. Like amaaazing. It took several calls around to find somewhere that actually had tires for my car. Apparently it takes a bigger size than most trucks and SUVs. But I did find some. Michelin Defenders in case you want to drive on a cloud like me. I never would have imagined new tires could make such a world of difference. But I’m sold. Can’t wait to head to Minnesota in a week or so now!

Midweek I met a couple of friends for coffee. The coffee place we go to is like half mile from my house so it’s also super convenient. It’s another thing I would love to do more often. It has a play place inside so we bring a few of the littles to run around. Good friends, good coffee, good uplifter for the January blues.

Friday, we celebrated one of my boys 7th birthdays. I took him out for his birthday Starbucks first thing in the morning. It’s something I started doing a few years ago for the kids as they get older! They love it. Later that day I picked him up a Dairy Queen cake and some gel to write on it. I was quite impressed with my work. He wanted Asian food for dinner, so I also went out to pick up that. I feel like I was just in and out of the house all day! But he had such a good day and was absolutely thrilled with his gifts.

I got a new yarn shipment in and it’s the most beautiful yarn I’ve seen in a long while! I haven’t ordered yarn from there in a few years because it’s a bit pricey. But this yarn company sells the yarn that got me knitting in the first place and it’s a fun splurge here and there. I can’t wait to turn this into a cardigan! As soon as I finish my baby’s new sweater.

I read three books in the last week and a half. All of them good of course. Just tack them onto your must read list! I don’t really have patience for writing book reviews, as you can read what the story is about online. Seems kind of pointless to do. But I do like to recommend them if they’re good! Take my word. I think my favorite though was The Last To Vanish. Oh and also, The House Across The Lake has some supernatural type stuff in it, so just a warning. I don’t usually really like supernatural and was a bit disappointed when it came up, but the story was still good!

I’m still working on getting my house all deep cleaned and ready for some new paint. I’m thinking I’ll do the tedious task of repainting the kitchen, I’m over the teal. It just doesn’t vibe with the dark cabinets. When I’d painted, I had thought of redoing the cabinets white, but they’re actually pretty cabinets as they are. Now I’m going to paint the kitchen an ivory color. That way I can use color for my decor. The next area I plan to paint is two of the walls in the living room/entry that I have peach. It might be a dumb idea, but I want to go dark. Like a dark dark blue. I’m loving this color palette right now!

Next then in the home department, is some new dining chairs and bench. We’ve had ours for a few years now and the kids have absolutely destroyed them. Acrylic paint adorns the bench. There’s rips in the chairs. I was telling my husband yesterday that I found some new ones to order. He’s like why don’t you just reupholster them? Like I have time for that or something! Haha. I had thought of that before, but it just seems like such a pain. And with kids, upholstered chairs really aren’t the best option. I think I’ll go with some cute colored metal chairs I found and then get those chair pads you tie on.

So thats on my list for now. I have so many plans for the house this spring! Can’t wait to start getting everything rolling.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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