A Giant Snowman, Valentines things, Crumbl

So funny thing. Earlier this week, one of my sisters and one of my brothers sent me articles about this thirty foot tall snowman in Buffalo. My sisters article was from Fox News in Arizona! I looked up the address and saw this giant snowman was only a couple miles from my moms. So off the kids and I went to look at it! It was pretty cool to see in person. Those people had some serious dedication building that thing. My four year old was all excited thinking we were going to be spending the day driving around looking at giant things. 😂 And even funnier, I had posted a pic of this on my knitting IG account stories, and someone told me they’d just seen that on their news way over in New York!

Of course I got my crumbl! Kids and I went on an adventure to maple grove for a little shopping, lunch at chick fil a, and to get these delicious things. The kids favorite was the mystery cookie, which was a confetti milkshake. My favorite was the lemon! I’m so glad they had a good selection this trip.

I went to this antique/thrift store in Buffalo called the Buffalo Nickel. I cannot believe I’ve never been here before! It’s amazing. Two stories filled with the most fun items. I brought two of my girls and we could have spent hours there! I bought this pretty red jacket for only $20 that’s originally over $200, so I felt a bit happy with that! I also got a cute valentines garland, a couple adorable dishcloths (i have a dishcloth obsession) and found my brothers some awesome clothes. A Pendleton button down and a down filled wool vest! I’m still not certain they truly liked them as I kind of had to force them to take them 🤣

Just a look at how cool this place was. Literally filled with stuff like this. I actually need to go back there before I go back home. That red suitcase on the bottom up there needs me to buy it.

Some cute valentines dog treats I bought for our dog. Poor guy didn’t get to come to Minnesota with me this time! The puppy came with, still slightly hoping to sell him. Haven’t tried very hard though.

Yes I’m really enjoying all things valentines. Such a good mood inducer. Iced berry white mocha half sweet from caribou, red velvet cake pop, and I got a little journal at five below. The lighting here this afternoon was just so calm and pretty.

Some pizza tonight from Buffalo pizza! A must try if you’re around here. Their chicken Alfredo is everyone’s favorite!

We’ve taken a couple trips to H&M for spring clothes. North Dakota has sales tax on clothing so I like to try purchase them here instead!

And that’s it for now!:) Happy Saturday!

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